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18 Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Games & Activities for Teams in 2023

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Reviewed by Kara Funk

Senior HR Consultant, People & Culture


Thanksgiving is one of the most loved American holidays. It brings families together, brightens our spirits, and spreads a feeling of gratitude for all the great things we have in our lives. Whether you celebrate with a traditional meal of turkey, gravy, and all the trimmings or celebrate with a family take-out and movie night, we all deserve a relaxing and carefree holiday!  But it can be tricky to think of virtual Thanksgiving ideas and how to celebrate, especially when working remotely.

Celebrating Thanksgiving while working remotely can be tricky, but we have ideas that will ensure you and your team can celebrate together. Choose from 18 ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving with your co-workers virtually and spread the holiday cheer!

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1. 18 Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas for 2023

1.1 Thanksgiving Trivia


Want to give the brainiacs in your team something to really enjoy? Check out the Thanksgiving Trivia with Hooray Teams. In this hosted session, a quizmaster will put you and your teammates’ holiday knowledge to the test through 3-4 rounds of rapid-fire trivia questions.

Expect topics related to holiday-themed movies, recipes, pop culture, and of course the famous Thanksgiving parade. This one-hour session is a great way for your team to bond. If you are looking to customize the trivia, you can also reach out to Hooray Teams and they can help you do that as well. 

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5 because this activity allows your team to outwit each other in the friendly holiday spirit!

Ease of Setup - 5 out of 5 because all you need to do is click on the link and be there.

1.2 Thanksgiving Cocktail Making Class


Raise your team’s festive spirit a notch higher with the Thanksgiving Cocktail Making Class by Hooray Teams, a hosted go-to platform for awesome virtual teambuilding fun. In this hands-on cocktail making class, an expert mixologist will guide you in creating some amazing fall-inspired drinks that will complement your turkey day feast. You and your team will learn the art of sampling flavors, mixing blends, and exploring new recipes too.

Kits with everything needed for the class will be delivered to each participant’s doorstep to make it easy and convenient. If you or your team have any special requests, simply reach out to Hooray Teams and they can personalize the event as needed

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5 because your team will enjoy the fun of sampling different cocktail blends and exploring new ones.

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5 as the activity requires a bit of prep on your part with arranging for space and supplies, but the fun payoff for your team makes the minimal effort worthwhile.

1.3 Thanksgiving Cupcake Decorating


This Thanksgiving, try an unconventional teambuilding experience that’s fun and unique like Cupcake Decorating by Hooray Teams, an awesome hosted platform for virtual teambuilding. In this scrumptious session, you get to replicate your favorite fall designs onto plain cupcakes, turning them into delightful visual treats. 

Whether it is pumpkins, pies, or turkeys, an experienced baker will guide you throughout the class and help you by sharing some great decorating tips and techniques. To make it easier for you, Hooray Teams will deliver the kits with all decorating essentials like icings, fondants, sprinkles, and toppers to participants’ doorsteps.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5, as this is a great way for your team to express their creativity and bond.

Ease of Setup - 3.5 out of 5, you do need to do a little bit of a set up with supplies beforehand but your team will definitely savor every moment of the activity.

1.4 Thanksgiving Cookie Decorating


Go down a sweeter route with your team with the Thanksgiving Cookie Decorating class by Hooray Teams, a hosted virtual teambuilding platform for remote teams. Led by a seasoned baker, you and your team will learn everything there is to know about decorating plain cookies and transforming them into visually appealing Thanksgiving treats.

The session comes with a kit that is delivered to everyone’s doorstep before the event. It consists of an assortment of cookies (to decorate), icing bags, sprinkles, and decorating sugars..

Fun Rating -5 out of 5, another exceptionally fun way to get your team together and let their creativity flow.

Ease of Setup - 3.5 out of 5, you need to ensure you have space to lay out all your supplies and also need to collect some things apart from what comes in the kit but your team will relish every moment of it.

1.5 Virtual Paint and Prosecco

Virtual paint and prosecco is an excellent addition to your list of Thanksgiving virtual activities with which your co-workers can bond virtually. Each participant will receive a carefully curated painting kit, complete with all the necessary supplies such as canvas, brushes, paint, and easy-to-follow instructions. The kits are sent straight to the doors of your employees so that you can all join in the fun of painting virtually and catch up over a glass of bubbly.

An expert art instructor will guide your team through the creative process, ensuring that even those with little to no prior painting experience can enjoy and successfully create their own artwork. This guided painting experience encourages creativity, self-expression, and a sense of accomplishment as participants explore their artistic talents.

Fun Rating - 3 out of 5, Not everyone is going to enjoy picking up a paintbrush

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5, it requires a lot of prep beforehand, and getting the supplies in order might be a hassle for a large group.

1.6 Thanksgiving Bingo

Have a fun night of laughs with your co-worker by hosting a virtual Thanksgiving bingo night. This crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving idea is a great way to get creative and spend quality time together. You can create customized bingo cards quickly using online tools or choose to download pre-made bingo cards designed with a Thanksgiving theme.

These might include images or phrases related to Thanksgiving traditions, such as "turkey," "pumpkin pie," "cornucopia," or "family gratitude." What sets Thanksgiving bingo apart from regular bingo is the storytelling element. You can encourage your team members to share anecdotes, memories, or personal experiences related to the items they tick off on their bingo cards. 

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5, this game of luck and chance is a great way to strike some fun conversation within the team.

Ease of Setup - 4 out of 5, because organizing it will take a bit of effort but the conversations achieved would be worth it. 

1.7 Thanksgiving Award Ceremony

The Thanksgiving award ceremony is a unique and heartwarming virtual event that allows you to express gratitude and appreciation for your co-workers' hard work, dedication, and contributions throughout the year. It's an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes of your team while fostering a sense of unity and recognition within the group.

Use video conferencing platforms, virtual backgrounds, and decorations to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Choose categories that will show that you are grateful to your employees, such as; hardest worker, funniest college, most helpful, always up for a laugh, most supportive, etc. It's also a great idea to encourage your team to dress up for the occasion, adding a sense of formality and celebration to the event.

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5, the activity is the perfect way to create a ​​festive and enjoyable atmosphere for Thanksgiving.

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5, because you do need a lot of ideation to come up with awards to give to everyone.

1.8 Virtual Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt


If you’re wondering, “What games do people play on Thanksgiving?”, then add scavenger hunts to the top of your virtual Thanksgiving games list. Keep your team entertained by organizing a virtual scavenger hunt for them all to participate in. Make a list of common household items that they can gather.

These virtual Thanksgiving games can be played in teams or groups; whoever manages to find all the objects first wins! You can use items related to Thanksgiving, such as a can of cranberry sauce, an item you are grateful for, a football, a red item, or any fall decorations.

Fun Rating - 4.5 out of 5, as your team will have a great time at this treasure hunt, thus giving it such a high fun rating.

Ease of Setup - 4 out of 5, because usually there is a single host that ensures that your team has an enjoyable experience.

1.9 Thanksgiving Family Feud

One of the most entertaining Thanksgiving ideas is hosting a Thanksgiving-themed family feud night. This is a perfect activity for a virtual get-together and makes for an interesting addition to Thanksgiving-themed team-building activities.

Two teams play against each other to guess the most popular answer to questions based on Thanksgiving, given to a random selection of 100 people. It can be hard to organize an activity like this on your own, so try out a Thanksgiving family feud template; you can easily buy one on Etsy.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5, as this game is sure to spark hilarious banter within your team taking your holiday celebrations a notch higher

Ease of Setup - 3.5 out of 5, getting the questions in order can be a little time-consuming but your team will have an amazing time during the event.

1.10 Thanksgiving Pictionary

Get ready for laughs with one of the best virtual Thanksgiving ideas! Gather your team virtually for a fun-filled night of Pictionary. Divide your colleagues into teams, and you can act as the host and assign Thanksgiving-related keywords to the person who will be drawing.

Add in a few cocktails for an extra laugh or two. Keep any funny drawings as a screenshot to cherish the memories.

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5, as this game is the perfect blend of artistic expression and the holiday and friendly competition.

Ease of Setup - 5 out of 5, all you need are your virtual drawing tools and themed prompts to enjoy this game with your friends

1.11 Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the most food-based significant holidays. Host a remote dinner with your colleagues to share the holiday cheer. To do this, invite your teammates to the virtual Thanksgiving event and provide a food budget. The meal doesn’t need to be a traditional meal, it can be a take-out pizza, pasta, or whatever easy meal your co-workers can easily make for themselves with the budget.

You can all enjoy your meal together, catch up, and share what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving. This is a real bonding exercise for the team, bringing them closer. It doesn't get better than this in terms of Thanksgiving team building activities.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5, this is the perfect way to celebrate together despite the physical distance within your team 

Ease of Setup - 4 out of 5, the team has the option to get the food any way they want and so it is pretty easy to set up. 

1.12 Online Thanksgiving Time Capsule

A time capsule is an incredible way to create memories together and is one of the most creative Thanksgiving virtual activities. Your team can create a gratitude message, text document, or photograph and ask them to bring this to the meeting.

You can collect all the messages and photos, save them, and then you can get together again next year and reminisce on your collected memories. This can become a tradition for your team, saving memories of gratitude each year and reminiscing and remembering the next year.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5, heavy on nostalgia, this activity is a meaningful and fun experience for everyone

Ease of Setup - 5 out of 5, this activity requires minimal effort to set up as team members can contribute photos and messages in any format that they want.

1.13 Hand Turkeys

Remote working can be challenging and often lonely. Add child-like joy to your employees’ day by asking them to join you in creating hand turkeys this Thanksgiving. Mail out craft supplies to your employees, get together over a video call, and create your hand turkeys in this fun feature on Thanksgiving-themed team-building activities.

You’ll need colorful paper, scissors, glitter, feathers, and any extra decorations you desire! Hand out a prize such as a restaurant or coffee voucher to the employee that creates the best hand turkey.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5, this is an easy but great creative endeavor for the whole team

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5, you do need to arrange for basic materials like paper, a pencil, and coloring tools for this artistic experience

1.14 Thanksgiving Pie Cook Along


Is there a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than having a pumpkin or pecan pie? Grab a tasty-looking Thanksgiving pie recipe and send out the ingredients list before you get together with your co-workers to celebrate virtually.

For one of the best Thanksgiving ideas, cook along together via video call. You could give the recipe a go or hire a professional Chef to cook with you. This is a great way to bond with your employees and build positive relationships. So, if you are looking for virtual Thanksgiving ideas, this is one you should check out.

Fun Rating - 3.5 out of 5, this is one of the most  fun and delicious ways to celebrate the holiday with your team

Ease of Setup - 3 out of 5, this activity requires some coordination for ingredient lists and recipes, but the end result is a lip-smacking pie. 

1.15 Virtual Care Package

Send your employees a care package this Thanksgiving to show them that you are thinking of them—this is an excellent way to show your appreciation and encourage them to participate in self-care and relaxation. Fill your care packages with mini pecan pies, spiced candles, Thanksgiving decorations, and plenty of snacks.

This will give your employees a sense of team spirit and will boost their moods when celebrating together virtually. If your aim is to show appreciation and you have been looking for virtual Thanksgiving ideas to do the same, try this one out.

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5, this is a thoughtful and personalized way to connect with your team 

Ease of Setup - 3.5 out of 5, this is a great gift for your whole team but if you have budget issues it can end up being steep

1.16 Virtual Thanksgiving Happy Hour

Who says happy hour is only for office workers? Get together with your colleagues over Zoom and have a happy hour together this Thanksgiving! Try out a cocktail recipe together, host a prosecco night, or invite everyone to catch up over their drink of choice. You can throw in some virtual Thanksgiving games such as Thanksgiving bingo or a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt to add more fun!

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5, this activity helps your team get in the holiday spirit in a casual environment  

Ease of Setup - 5 out of 5, all you need is a Zoom link and you can get together for a lighthearted get-together.

1.17 Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

One of the hottest trends right now is virtual escape rooms. These escape rooms are specially designed for remote teams to get together and have a fun night exploring virtually! Get together virtually, and explore each room, the interactive platform allows you to look for clues as you navigate through each level.

If you are looking for exciting and team-building Thanksgiving ideas, a virtual escape room is a great option for you and your team. Get together virtually and work together to solve the puzzle, and escape as fast as you can! As far as thanksgiving themed team building activities go, you should not miss out on this one. 

Fun Rating - 5 out of 5, as a Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room combines the excitement of solving puzzles with a holiday-themed adventure

Ease of Setup-   3.5 out of 5, requiring a bit of preparation to set up the virtual escape room platform and design the puzzles but the payoff in the end makes it worth it

1.18 Virtual Gratitude Wall

Thanksgiving is all about practicing gratitude for the people in your life. For some heartfelt virtual thanksgiving ideas, create a virtual gratitude wall together. Invite your colleagues to think of a message of gratitude for someone in the workplace. Ask your colleagues to leave their messages of gratitude on an online whiteboard such as Miro or add the messages to your communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Fun Rating - 4 out of 5, as this activity  cultivates a positive and uplifting atmosphere within the team and the workplace as a whole/

Ease of Setup-   5 out of 5, this activity requires minimal preparation and all team members can easily contribute messages or images expressing their gratitude on a virtual platform.

2. FAQs

2.1 What is virtual Thanksgiving?

Virtual Thanksgiving is a way for you to celebrate with your work colleagues and teammates online. This could be enjoying a meal virtually together, playing online games, or enjoying a few cocktails together on Zoom.

2.2. How to host a virtual Thanksgiving?

To have a memorable virtual Thanksgiving, select a video conferencing platform, send out invitations, plan a coordinated menu with your guests, set a festive table, schedule the call, and ensure everyone's technology is working. Incorporate Thanksgiving traditions such as sharing what you're thankful for and enjoying a virtual toast together.

Don't forget to capture the moment with screenshots or recordings and send digital thank-you cards afterward. While it may not be the same as an in-person gathering, a well-organized virtual Thanksgiving can still bring loved ones together, fostering a sense of togetherness and gratitude in spite of physical distances.

2.3 What are some virtual Thanksgiving crafts?

Some virtual Thanksgiving crafts include creating hand turkeys, creating a time capsule of your gratitude messages, creating a virtual gratitude wall, and hosting a virtual paint and prosecco night!

2.4 What are some Thanksgiving ideas for employees?

Some Thanksgiving ideas for employees include Thanksgiving happy hour, Pictionary, and family feuds.

2.5 What are some Thanksgiving-themed ideas for work?

Some great Thanksgiving-themed ideas for work include a Turkey theme, Football theme, Autumn theme, Thanksgiving history theme, Gratitude theme, and Cooking theme.

2.6 What do you give employees for Thanksgiving?

Some great gifts you can send to your employees this Thanksgiving can be decorative pumpkins for their desks, fall garlands to decorate their office space at home galaxy chocolate snack hamper, a craft beer gift set, a Thanksgiving coloring book, a Thanksgiving turkey wall art, Thanksgiving wreath to hang on their doors or an adorable Thanksgiving gnome decoration.

2.7 What do you give employees for Thanksgiving?

Some great gifts you can send to your employees this Thanksgiving can be decorative pumpkins for their desks, fall garlands to decorate their office space at home galaxy chocolate snack hamper, a craft beer gift set, a Thanksgiving coloring book, a Thanksgiving turkey wall art, Thanksgiving wreath to hang on their doors or an adorable Thanksgiving gnome decoration.

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