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15 Fun and Creative Company Anniversary Ideas for Celebrations

October 4, 2023
| By
Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Company Anniversary Ideas

Anniversaries are celebrated with both traditional and modern gifts. These celebrations mark another year of success, hard work, and commitment from all employees within a business. Whether you’ve been operating for 2 or 20 years, your business anniversary is a remarkable milestone in your company’s history that should be celebrated as such.

Celebrating company anniversaries is a great way to boost morale and encourage team spirit; read on to see our top company anniversary ideas that are sure to impress.

Looking for other ways to build a positive work environment? Check out our ideas for how to celebrate staff birthdays and organize team gratitude activities. We’ve also got articles on how to host virtual celebrations for Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Diwali, Independence Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

1. Why is it Important to Celebrate Company Anniversaries?

Celebrating company anniversaries is an essential part of office culture. It promotes a happy work environment for your employees where they feel appreciated and valued as team members. Research shows that employees who work in a culture of gratitude are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and stay long-term.

It can be overwhelming to come up with ideas to celebrate company anniversary. You may wonder: “What do you give a company for an anniversary? How do you celebrate your business anniversary? How do you celebrate work anniversaries remotely? How do businesses celebrate milestones?” With working from home becoming increasingly common, we have the answers to all these questions. 

Read on to find out how to plan your next company anniversary celebration. Whether your company works remotely or in the office, we have ideas to help you throw an awesome anniversary bash.

2. 15  Company Anniversary Ideas

2.1 Create a Company Trivia Game

Creating a company trivia game is one of the excellent 1 year company anniversary ideas. It's an interesting way for all members of your company to get to know each other and bond over company knowledge. Hold a trivia night with your employees, have them split into teams, and compete to see which team has the best knowledge of your company. For added stakes, offer a fun prize for the winning team, such as a box of chocolates or an expensive bottle of champagne.

If you’re asking yourself: “how do I organize my business anniversary party?” This fun trivia night is perfect for you. Create the trivia game, book a venue, and spread the word amongst your company via an e-invite noticeboard flyer.

Best for: 1 year anniversary and 5 year anniversary 

2.2 Facilitated Virtual Anniversary Party with Hooray Teams

Facilitated Virtual Anniversary Party with Hooray Teams

If you are looking for a virtual option, we recommend going for a facilitated virtual team-building host that you could find on Hooray Teams. This helps take the hassle out of running a company party through its game options. Our top picks include virtual trivia, pottery at home, virtual origami class, and cooking pasta at home. These games not only provide a fun and entertaining experience but help promote communication and collaboration. 

Best for: 1 year anniversary, 5 year anniversary, and 10 year anniversary 

2.3 Rebrand the Company Logo & Tagline

If you are celebrating a company milestone such as a 20th or 50th anniversary, you can rebrand the company logo & tagline to reflect this as a heartfelt company anniversary idea. Change your tagline to something like “celebrating 20 years of success” or “proudly running for 20 years” to show your appreciation for your company and the hard work of all employees.

Display your rebranded tagline on your company website and social media accounts. You could create unique stationery such as notebooks and pens or hand out company swag to mark anniversary milestone as one of the more unique company anniversary celebration ideas. 

Best for: 20 year anniversary 

2.4 Make Custom Company Merch

Another one on the list of creative company anniversary celebration ideas is to create custom company merchandise for your employees. If you are working remotely and asking yourself: “How do you celebrate your business anniversary?” and “How do you celebrate work anniversaries remotely?”, this idea is perfect for you.

You can create custom t-shirts, hoodies, or bags that display your company logo and slogan. When brainstorming company anniversary t-shirt design ideas, you should consider incorporating elements that symbolize your company's journey and achievements over the years.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can brand the items for the anniversary you are celebrating. Custom coins are a good choice. For example, your merchandise could say “Celebrating 5 Years Of Success” or “Celebrating 5 Years Of (company name)”.

Best for: 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary , and 20 year anniversary

2.5 Play a Message From the CEO



Suppose you are a CEO wondering, “what do you give a company for an anniversary?”, consider recording and sending a video message to your employees. Any company celebration is incomplete without a message from the CEO. As one of the more meaningful company's anniversary ideas,  a personalized message thanking the staff for their hard work and dedication to the company will go a long way in fostering a positive work culture..

A personalized message from your CEO can be delivered in person, over voice message, or via video call. This makes it the perfect versatile company anniversary idea for those working remotely or flexibly in and out of the office. Nowadays, having a strong internal communication strategy is vital to keep your employees engaged and updated.

Best for: 10 year anniversary and 20 years anniversary

2.6 Offer Company Stocks

Stocks can serve as a meaningful token of appreciation, strengthen employee engagement, and align their interests with the company's long-term success. It is one of the best company anniversary ideas that adds a memorable and celebratory element to the occasion. When employees own shares of the company, they are more likely to be motivated to work towards its growth and profitability, fostering a sense of shared purpose

Best for: 20 year anniversary and 50 year anniversary

2.7 Send Thank You Cards

Thank-you cards can be sent virtually, hand-written, or ordered in bulk online. Any of these options are perfect for showing your appreciation for your employees and making a perfect choice in theme ideas for company anniversary.

Why is it important to celebrate company anniversaries? If you are the CEO of a company, thanking your staff for all of their hard work and dedication to your company’s success is essential. Ensuring that everyone within your company team feels valued and respected boosts morale and increases the overall happiness of staff. Choose custom-made thank you cards with the company logo for an extra personal touch.

Best for: 1 year anniversary, 5 year anniversary, and 10 years anniversary 

2.8 Surprise Employees With Gift Coupons

Show that you appreciate your staff by giving them gift coupons for local stores, restaurants, or coffee shops! This business anniversary idea is a thoughtful surprise that will make your employees feel valued within the team. Pair the gift coupon with a token box of chocolates for an extra surprise.

Best for: 1 year anniversary and 5 year anniversary 

2.9 Get a Group Photo!

Capturing a group photo is a fantastic idea to celebrate a company anniversary and create a lasting memory of the occasion. To make the photo even more special, you can  choose a meaningful location, incorporate props or anniversary-themed elements, and hire a professional photographer to ensure the image is of the highest quality. Once taken, the group photo can be framed, shared on social media, or included in company materials to serve as a reminder of the milestone reached and the bright future ahead.

Best for: 1 year anniversary 

2.10 Public Shout-out

To mark the company anniversary celebration, you can schedule company-wide meeting, in-person or virtually. As a part of company anniversary celebrations, you can recognize individual employees or teams for their outstanding contributions, highlight their achievements, milestones, and dedication to the company. If you are celebrating virtually, you can use video conferencing platforms to ensure remote employees can participate fully. To make the celebration more engaging, use fun elements like virtual backgrounds, music, and themed visuals.

Best for: 1 year anniversary, 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary, and 20 year anniversary 

2.11 Corporate Retreats

Organize a corporate retreat is a great way to celebrate your company's anniversary and recognize your achievements and recharge your team's energy for the future. Try out such out-of-the-box company anniversary theme ideas such as visiting a theme park or event, taking a day out for adventure sports, or even booking a company picnic on the beach. You can even incorporate the company anniversary theme into the retreat activities, decorations, and overall atmosphere. 

Best for: 20 year anniversary 

2.12 Fundraise for a Social Cause

You can fundraise for a social cause as part of your company anniversary celebration, which is a meaningful and impactful way to give back to the community while involving your employees in a shared mission. You can host a charity gala or dinner event to commemorate your company's anniversary, charge attendees for tickets, and the proceeds can go directly to the chosen social cause. You can even set up a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe, with the goal of raising a specific amount for a social cause aligned with your company's values.

Best for: 20 year anniversary 

2.13 Create Achievement Timelines

Creating achievement timelines for your company anniversary is like turning those adventures into a visual map. You can highlight all the important moments, like when your company started, big achievements, and milestones along the way. You can use pictures and descriptions to make it interesting and then display it during your company anniversary event. It's like celebrating your company's journey and reminding everyone of how much you've accomplished together.

Best for: 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary, and 20 year anniversary 

2.14 Compile a Video of Favorite Memories

You can gather pictures and videos from fun times, like team outings or successful projects. Then, you add some music to make it feel nostalgic and emotional. You can also include interviews where people share their favorite memories. You can relive all those happy moments and cherish the bonds between your team members. It's a heartfelt way to celebrate your company's past and the people who made it great.

Best for: 5 year anniversary, 1o year anniversary 

2.15 Give Tenure-Based Rewards

One of the best company anniversary ideas is to honor and thank those dedicated employees who've been with your company for a long time. It's like saying, "Hey, we appreciate your loyalty and hard work!" You can create a special program that rewards employees when they reach certain milestones, like five or ten years of service. The rewards can be something they'll really value, such as bonuses, extra time off, or a special gift. It's a way to show that their commitment matters and encourage them to stick around, contributing to the company's ongoing success.

Best for: 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary, and 20 year anniversary 

3. FAQs

3.1 How do you celebrate a small business anniversary?

Small business anniversary ideas are easier to plan for. large corporations. Celebrate with token gifts such as chocolates, flowers, or personalized stationery for small businesses.  Take a group photo to commemorate the occasion, send out thank you cards, take Friday afternoon off and go for a meal together, or play some fun virtual team games over Zoom with a few drinks!  

3.2 How do you celebrate a business anniversary remotely?

Working remotely doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate. To celebrate remotely, some company anniversary ideas for employees could be to send thank you cards, host an awards night via Zoom or other video conferencing tools, send company merch to employees, host a virtual impressions night, or rebrand the company slogan to reflect the milestone anniversary.

3.3 How to celebrate company milestones?

It can be done in several ways, such as hosting an event or party, recognizing employees' contributions, sharing the company's achievements with stakeholders, and considering charitable initiatives or team-building activities to mark the occasion.

3.4 How to celebrate company anniversary?

It involves a range of activities, including hosting a memorable event, giving personalized gifts to employees, creating commemorative materials like a timeline or video, and expressing gratitude to your team and clients for their support and dedication over the years. 

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