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7 Company Retreat Locations In Sydney To Enhance Team Bonding

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

6 Company Retreat Locations In Sydney To Enhance Team Bonding

When it comes to unwinding and enjoying a fun, immersive corporate retreat experience with your team members, choosing just any location won’t cut it. Thankfully, we’ve done our research to uncover some of the best company retreat locations in Sydney. Forget dull hotel meetings; we are talking about leaving the office behind and diving headfirst into the heart and soul of Sydney's unique neighborhoods. 

From quirky cafes to stunning waterfronts, our pick of the top 7 company retreat locations in Sydney is your ultimate compass to finding the perfect spot for your team's unforgettable getaway.

Our articles will help you discover the perfect backdrop for productive and enriching retreats. We have a list of the best corporate retreats in New YorkVirginia, Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, The Midwest, California, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin.

Looking for more exotic locales? We have also corporate retreat guides to locations like Queensland, NSW, Vietnam, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

Additionally, explore our virtual retreat ideascorporate retreat activitiesluxury corporate retreatssmall business retreat ideasone day company retreat ideas, and executive burnout retreats uncovering how these retreats can restore your well-being and improve overall productivity.

1. 7 Must-Know Company Retreat Locations In Sydney

1.1. Park Proxi Gibraltar Bowral

Location: Bowral, Australia

Accommodates: 100- 150 guests

Pricing: Starts from $422.10

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Gibraltar, Park Proxi Gibraltar Bowral offers unparalleled luxury and versatility for your business gatherings. Featuring 77 luxurious rooms, each spanning 40 square meters and outfitted with exclusive signature beds, thes accommodations ensure absolute comfort and relaxation throughout your retreat.

Elevate your retreat experience with the state-of-the-art Gibraltar Ballroom and multiple meeting rooms, boasting over 1,000 square meters of modern function space. Designed to impress, these venues offer the ideal setting for productive discussions and collaborative sessions.

After a day of work, indulge in the flavors of the region with easy access to nearby vineyards and cellar doors, or challenge your colleagues to a round of golf on their scenic 18-hole golf course, offering an exceptional country experience.

If you are looking to book this property, make your way to CoppaTreat, a venue booking platform designed for corporate retreats. The booking page provides an overview of all the details you need to know like the cheapest price available, number of rooms and activities so you can make a booking conveniently.

1.2. The Collaroy Centre

corporate retreat locations in Sydney - The Collaroy Centre

Location: Collaroy Beach, Sydney

Accommodates: 300-500 guests

Pricing: Available upon request

Nestled amidst the stunning natural beauty of Sydney’s Northern beaches, The Collaroy Centre promises the ultimate company retreat location in Sydney for your team.

Surrounded by lush gardens and sandy shores, The Collaroy Centre presents an appealing beachside location for team-building activities and sunset relaxation. You can also take advantage of their water-based programs, like kayaking and surfing, which foster team spirit and encourage collaboration.

With a variety of styles, they can cater to groups of up to 440 guests. Their cabins are a hit with their mix of contemporary amenities and nostalgic charm, comfortably accommodating over 380 people. Each Cabin block features 10 rooms, complete with bunk beds to fit 6 to 8 guests per room.

With customizable packages and competitive pricing, The Collaroy Centre ensures a seamless planning process tailored to your team's specific needs. Accessibility is a breeze, located just a short drive from Sydney's CBD and easily reachable via public transport.

1.3. The Sanctuary Retreat


Location: Columbine Cl Loftus, Sydney Australia

Accommodates: Up to 50 people

Pricing: Available upon request

Escape the bustling city and immerse yourself in the serenity of The Sanctuary Retreat, a one-of-a-kind company retreat location in Sydney. This retreat is perfect for small to medium-sized teams, accommodating up to 50 people, and offering an intimate and personalized experience.

The Sanctuary Retreat's unique feature lies in its focus on mindfulness and well-being. Your team can indulge in yoga and meditation sessions amidst the peaceful natural surroundings, rejuvenating both mind and body.

Accommodation at The Sanctuary Retreat is both eco-friendly and comfortable, with a selection of cozy cabins and eco-huts. The retreat offers packages that can be tailored to your team's preferences, ensuring a perfect blend of activities, relaxation, and personal growth.

In addition, The Sanctuary Retreat is easily accessible, providing a tranquil escape just a short drive from Sydney's central business district. Prepare for a transformative company retreat where mindfulness meets nature, allowing your team to recharge and return to work refreshed and reinvigorated.

1.4. Freshie Watersport Retreats

Location: Retreats are held in different locations

Accommodates: About 50 to 100 people

Pricing: Available upon request

Looking for a company retreat with an adventurous twist? Look no further than Freshie Watersport Retreats, a popular choice in our list of company retreat locations in Sydney.

Freshie Watersport Retreats offers you all-inclusive experience in exquisite global destinations, providing participants with an extraordinary experience of water sports like kitesurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, and snorkeling. Alongside the adrenaline-pumping activities, the retreats also offer sessions in yoga, meditation, and mindset coaching.

Whether it's catching the waves or finding serenity through mindfulness, these heavenly retreats promise an unforgettable journey of adventure and personal growth.

Freshie Watersport Retreats' unique features revolve around water-based activities that ignite team spirit and encourage camaraderie. From surfing lessons with experienced instructors to paddleboarding in the tranquil waters, your team will bond over thrilling aquatic adventures.

1.5. Nurture Her


Location: Sydney, Australia

Accommodates: Up to 50 people

Pricing: Available upon request

If you're seeking a corporate retreat that focuses on empowering leaders, Nurture Her is another topper in our list of company retreat locations in Sydney. Situated in a serene locale, this retreat center accommodates up to 60 people and offers a safe space for female professionals to connect, learn, and grow.

Unique features at Nurture Her include specialized workshops and coaching sessions aimed at enhancing leadership skills, confidence, and personal growth. Accommodations at Nurture Her are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, ensuring a peaceful retreat experience. Nurture Her is easily accessible, making it convenient for attendees from all over Sydney.

1.6. Inner Peace Getaways

Location: Kirrawee

Accommodates: 50 to 70 people

Pricing: Available upon request

For a holistic retreat experience that nurtures mind, body, and soul, Inner Peace Getaways is the one of the best company retreat locations in Sydney and they've got your wellness journey covered. With a capacity of up to 70 people, this retreat center focuses on well-being, mindfulness, and personal development.

Their health and wellness programs are all about empowering you with long-term tools for success.Once you sign up, the schedule is jam-packed with retreat goodness. From catered healthy organic vegetarian food to educational wellness workshops, yoga, day spa treats, Tai Chi, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, and even Reiki healing and meditation — Inner Peace Getaways has got it all!

To cap it off, accommodations at Inner Peace Getaways range from cozy cottages to luxurious suites, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating stay. With convenient transportation options, your team can easily access this sanctuary of tranquility for a transformative and enriching corporate retreat experience.

1.7. Calabash Bay Lodge


Location: Bay Road, Berowra Waters

Accommodates: 50 to 60 people

Pricing: Available upon request

Calabash Bay Lodge offers its customers a refreshing corporate retreat location in Sydney like no other. Situated in the breathtaking landscapes of the Hawkesbury River, you’ll find you can enjoy a secluded and luxurious retreat experience for your team.

This exclusive and private retreat is perfect for strategy sessions, creative workshops, and board meetings. They've got two fantastic packages to choose from: the 1 Day Offsite Package and the 2 Day Strategy Retreat.

The 1 Day Offsite Package offers a full day of productive sessions from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, with indoor/outdoor workshop spaces and a dining area for 12, along with multiple breakout spaces for smaller groups. For a more immersive experience, the 2-Day Strategy Retreat includes an overnight stay and a private chef dinner after the first day's meetings. Imagine unwinding after a successful day with a delicious dinner and waking up to a barbecue lunch before concluding your second-day session.

With comfortable accommodation for up to 60 people onsite and options for additional nearby accommodations, your team can truly focus on bonding and strategizing in this secluded haven.

2. FAQs

2.1. What is a company retreat?

A company retreat is an offsite gathering where employees come together to engage in team-building activities, workshops, and discussions outside of the regular workplace. It provides a chance for team bonding and personal growth.

2.2. Why do companies conduct retreats?

Companies run retreats to foster team cohesion, improve communication, and boost morale among employees. It also offers an opportunity for strategic planning, goal-setting, and creativity, away from the usual office environment.

2.3. How do you organize a company retreat?

To organize a company retreat, start by defining the objectives and desired outcomes. Choose a suitable location and date, considering the team's preferences and availability. Plan engaging activities, workshops, and team-building exercises that align with the retreat's goals. Ensure clear communication and logistics to make the event a success.

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