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7 Unique Corporate Retreat Locations Near NYC for Teams to Have Fun and Bond

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work


If you’re looking for corporate retreat locations near NYC, there are plenty of options available to you. From rustic farm locations to timeless private estates in the Hudson Valley, there is a location for every kind of corporate retreat. You can host a range of team-building activities while enjoying the perfect escape from your everyday responsibilities.

In this guide, we explore seven corporate retreat locations near NYC in detail to help you organize the perfect corporate retreat. Keep reading to find the best retreat for your team size and one that’s ideal for hosting all your team-building activities.

Our articles will help you discover the perfect backdrop for productive and enriching retreats. We have a list of the best corporate retreats in Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, The Midwest, California, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin.

Looking for more exotic locales? We have also corporate retreat guides to locations like Queensland, Sydney, NSW, Vietnam, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

1. 7 Best Corporate Retreat Locations Near NYC

1.1. Cedar Lakes Estate

Location: Port Jervis, NY

Accommodates: Up to 400

Pricing: Available upon request

Founded in 2011, Cedar Lakes Estate is only 70 miles from New York City. It boasts scenic mountain views along with vast grounds and a cedar-filled sky. Impeccably maintained, this property will bring you close to nature and provide the utmost luxury and comfort.

This corporate retreat center has six cottages and five houses for you to choose from, depending on your team size. You can use state-of-the-art A/V equipment and pristine meeting spaces for your teams. For food and drinks, CLE offers guests farm-to-table produce and a gorgeous, rustic setting under the stars. You can also choose from various after-work activities, such as hiking, ziplining, biking, guided yoga, and more.

1.2. Spillian


Location: Fleischmanns, NY

Accommodates: up to 20 people

Pricing: Available upon request

Located in the Catskills, Spillian is only 2.5 miles away from Manhattan.  It is the perfect location for a private corporate retreat where your core team members can bond and brainstorm without disturbance.

Its main property is the 8,000 square-foot Stick/Shingle Style mansion, which has eight bedrooms. They offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options at most meals and accommodate other dietary requests for allergies and intolerances. They use local produce for guests to enjoy classic Catskills cuisine.

The property is surrounded by 30 acres of forest where your team can wander and explore to recharge their creative energy. Guests can also enjoy plenty of game room activities, board games, massage, and outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, picnics, and more.

1.3. The Lodge at Woodloch

The Lodge at Woodloch

Location: Hawley, PA

Accommodates: 1000+ guests

Pricing: Available upon request

The Lodge at Woodloch is one of the best luxury corporate retreat locations near NYC if you’re looking for a spa-like experience. Its pristine woodland gardens, lakeside views, and private country estate are accessible—only a short 2-hour drive from NYC.

This luxury accommodation has 59 rooms and suites where guests can enjoy a 360-degree spa experience. All their rooms come with opulent triple sheeting, plush spa robes and bath towels, in-room safe, hair dryer, and more amenities.

Nourishment options include energizing snacks throughout the day and three gourmet meals each day of your stay. You can enjoy your company meals at one of their many scenic outdoor sites or at their restaurant and bar.

Deluxe offerings continue with this location’s activities. Depending on the season, you can enjoy snowshoeing, kayaking, hiking, golf, and biking. Various daily activities for guests include yoga, Pilates, cardio workouts, and watercolor painting.

The location is ideal for retreats if you want to ensure top-quality amenities and services for your executives. All packages are designed with high-end spa services at the center.

1.4. Hutton Brickyards


Location: Kingston

Accommodates: 86+ for an overnight stay; up to 4,000 for outdoor 1-day events

Pricing: Available upon request

Located in the Hudson River Valley, the Hutton Brickyards is one of the most serene corporate retreat locations near NYC. It is a leisurely two-hour drive from New York and offers a venue and beverage service for corporate events.

The site features industrial-style architecture with a laid-back, organic vibe. The lodging options include multiple cabins, a cottage, and a mansion. For dining, there is an open-air restaurant for spring, summer, and fall. In winter, you can enjoy the cozy and intimate Edgewood restaurant and bar.

Whether your team wants to explore nearby attractions or enjoy water sports, they can do it all at the Hutton Brickyards.

1.5. Full Moon Resort

Full Moon Resort

Location: Oliverea

Accommodates: 100+

Pricing: Available upon request

A 3-hour drive from NY will get you to the Full Moon Resort and its gorgeous panoramic views. Surrounded by 120 acres of forest, meadows, and streams, the resort is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A unique feature of the Full Moon Resort is that it is managed by a highly-professional event planning team. This makes it the perfect corporate retreat location near NYC for those who want to leave the planning process to the experts.

The location has 47 cabins in rustic, B&B style, set against the Catskills mountain backdrop. Guests can enjoy three unique event spaces to hold meetings, conferences, and presentations. You can also integrate fun, extracurricular activities into your schedule, like mushroom walks, fly fishing, live music, massage, games, and more.

Customizable on-site catering options allow you to choose from an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

1.6. Maple Shade Farm 1785


Location: Delhi, NY

Accommodates: 50 to 150

Pricing: Available upon request

Situated in the idyllic New York countryside, the Maple Shade Farm is a three-hour drive from the city. It is the perfect one-day small corporate retreat location near NYC. The main venue is a beautiful barn-style three-story building where you can host your team-building activities, brainstorming sessions, and other such social meetups.

The Maple Shade Farm is another retreat location that comes with personalized services, coordination, and planning support. While they don’t provide accommodations on-site, they do offer a hand-selected list of vendors that will surely cover your needs.

many outdoor or indoor activities. Instead, you can give your team members free time to explore the scenic grassy fields, pondside, and mountain views at ease.

For your meals, you can choose your preferred caterer from the options available on their hand-selected vendor list

1.7. Glen Falls House

Glen Falls House

Location: Winter Clove Road, Round Top, NY

Accommodates: 110+

Pricing: Available upon request

Glen Falls House is the perfect corporate retreat center for a cozy, relaxing weekend escape for you and your team. The location is a two-hour drive from Manhattan, with 42 guest rooms in the classic cottage style.

Glen Falls House is surrounded by 41 acres of wilderness for your team to explore. The area has a fun, retro feel you will surely enjoy. From swimming holes and waterfalls to biking trails and late-night concerts, there’s no shortage of activities to do every day.

Brunch and dinner are served at the Trotwood Restaurant, which serves delectable meals made with hyper-seasonal produce. It also has a truly impressive list of wines, beers, ciders, and cocktails.

2. FAQs

2.1. What do people do on corporate retreats?

Corporate retreats allow a company’s team members to escape office duties and indulge in informal socializing, team-building, and collaboration activities. They are typically held in relaxed settings like resorts or hotels, often far from the city.

2.2. What is a bonding retreat?

A bonding retreat is a trip that involves team-building activities to help team members strengthen their relationships and enhance collaboration and cooperation outside the workplace.

2.3. How do you organize a corporate retreat?

Organizing a corporate retreat is very simple. First, settle on the main purpose of the retreat, choose the attendees, and select a venue that can accommodate your team and your retreat needs. Then, plan suitable team-building activities. Include free time for freeform socializing and recharge time. And finally, plan the logistics of the retreat, such as travel, food and drinks, and special equipment.

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