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7 Excellent Company Retreat Locations in NSW to Beat the Work Stress

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

6 Excellent Company Retreat Locations in NSW to Beat the Work Stress

Corporate retreats are an excellent way for companies to help employees refresh and reinvigorate, simultaneously combating burnout while acknowledging a team’s hard work. There are lots of amazing company retreat locations in NSW where you can organize corporate overnight stays, from lodges hidden amidst rainforests to luxurious renovated homesteads in the outback.

In this post, we’ve highlighted a handful of different options to help inspire your next staff getaway, whether you’re looking for meditation escapes, mountain hikes, or a tranquil space to host brainstorming sessions. The options listed here are largely in New South Wales, but we’ve also included a few that are in neighboring states that are within easy reach of NSW.

Our articles will help you discover the perfect backdrop for productive and enriching retreats. We have a list of the best corporate retreats in New YorkVirginia, Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, The Midwest, California, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Wisconsin.

Looking for more exotic locales? We have also corporate retreat guides to locations like Queensland, Sydney, Vietnam, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore. 

1. 7 Top Company Retreat Locations in NSW

1.1. Greyleigh

Located at:  Long Brush Rd, Jerrara NSW

Accommodates: 15+

Pricing: Starts from $437

Greyleigh offers a stunning blend of grandeur and charm, making it an ideal destination for corporate retreats. Boasting luxurious farmhouse-style accommodations set on 200 acres of prime real estate with breathtaking views of the coast and countryside, Greyleigh provides the perfect backdrop for productive meetings, team-building activities, and celebrations.

Surrounded by nature and steeped in local history, the property offers a number of amenities, including orchards, market gardens, and expansive lawns ideal for group exercises or recreational activities. The Greyleigh Homestead features three meticulously appointed bedrooms, including the charming Loft, providing a comfortable and inviting space for team members to rest and recharge.

If you think this would be the perfect corporate retreat for you, contact CoppaTreat. This platform simplifies the booking process by providing all necessary information at a single glance, making it convenient and hassle-free.

1.2. Tumbling Waters Retreat & Restaurant

Located at: Stonehaven Rd, Stanwell Tops NSW

Accommodates: 10-15

Pricing: Starts from $1200

Located just south of Sydney and within proximity to the Royal National Park, Tumbling Waters Retreat provides a great setting for corporate retreats, offering a coastal oasis perfect for weekend getaways or memorable team gatherings.

The property offers several facilities, including a saltwater wet-edge pool and spa, a rejuvenating day spa, and an on-site restaurant with panoramic ocean views. Additionally, guests have access to a variety of nearby activities, including bushwalks, hang gliding experiences, horseback rides, and swims at nearby beaches. There are also opportunities to explore boutique galleries and cafes just minutes away.

Make your way to CoppaTreat to book this location for your next corporate retreat. This event booking platform provides the best price for your stay and all the other essential information in one place. 

1.3. Hunter Valley Retreat

Located at: Quorrobolong, New South Wales

Accommodates: 150

Pricing: Available upon request

Just outside the city of Newcastle, the Hunter Valley Retreat is nestled amidst 200 acres of bushland, not far from the Watgan Mountains. The property can help you organize a range of fun excursions, as well as supplying an outdoor fire pit, volleyball, yoga, and other activities on site.

One of the main appeals of this corporate retreat, Hunter Valley wine country is just 20 minutes away. However, that’s far from the only attraction in the vicinity. The surrounding area has many natural hikes to offer, as well as horseback riding, hot air ballooning, and visits to olive, cheese, and chocolate factories.

One of the larger company retreat locations in NSW, the entire estate of 74 rooms can be booked out for your corporate getaway, or you can choose from a selection of double rooms, multi-bedroom apartments, and villas that contain between 3 and 6 separate bedrooms.

1.4. Arkaba


Located at: Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Accommodates: 10

Pricing: Available upon request

Set in 60,000 acres of conservation area, Arkaba is just over the western border of NSW, in South Australia. A former sheep-farming homestead that dates back to the 1850s, there are just 5 guest rooms available, each one with air conditioning, verandah access, and unique pieces of furniture.

Stays at Arkaba include twice-daily safari-style guided excursions to explore the local flora and fauna, as well as delicious meals made with local produce paired with bottomless glasses of Aussie wine. For an additional fee, you can also arrange for an air safari, where you will be taken up in a helicopter for a bird’s eye view of the exquisite landscape.

During the low season (June 1 to July 31), twin shares can be had for $1,840 per night, while the price rises to $2,460 for the rest of the year.

1.5. Old Leura Dairy

Located at: Leura, New South Wales

Accommodates: 30

Pricing: Available upon request

Few company retreat locations in NSW can beat the Old Leura Dairy for the atmosphere. Located 100 kilometers west of Sydney, the property is a former milking facility that has been renovated into a restful, pastoral escape.

This Blue Mountains corporate retreat location has a variety of quaintly named lodging options, which are able to accommodate up to 30 people in total. The largest building, the Straw Bale House, starts from around $1,600 per night and has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a sizable outdoor area. 

While the venue doesn’t offer any activities beyond a soak in their outdoor hot tub, they can help you to arrange guided tours of the majestic mountain ranges surrounding the estate.

Three meeting room areas are available on site, and there’s the option for your stay to be either catered or self-catered.

1.6. Jenolan Valley View

Located at: Hartley, New South Wales

Accommodates: 16

Pricing: Available upon request

Jenolan Valley View is a single house in the scenic surroundings of the Blue Mountains. The property features 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a games room, a kitchen-dining area, a living area, and an outdoor patio with a pool. 

While the rental is self-catering, the owners can help organize tours for a company retreat group to some of the local highlights. These fantastic experiences include the famous Jenolan limestone caves, the Scenic World cableway over the Jamison Valley, and the Hassans Walls Lookout, the highest observation point in the Blue Mountains.

Prices start from $1,000 for a stay that includes Friday and Saturday nights, though midweek holidays start for a more affordable $450 per night. The property does not come with linen and towels, though these can be arranged for an additional fee.

1.7. Sangsurya Retreat Centre


Located at: Byron Bay, New South Wales

Accommodates: 29

Pricing: Available upon request

If you’re looking for company retreat locations in NSW that are located in the middle of rainforest but also close to the beach, the Sangsurya Retreat Centre is an excellent option. Just 5 minutes from one of the most famous stretches of sand and sea in all of Australia, Byron Bay, it also specializes in offering wellness treatments that are ideal for destressing staff.

Housed in timber-framed buildings inspired by Thai architecture, Sangsurya Retreat Centre is designed to invoke Buddhist Zen. Aside from the main group room where workshops take place, the venue also provides a marquee lounge, a sundeck, a swimming pool, and 3 massage rooms for relaxation. The on-site kitchen ensures visitors always have access to refreshments.

Different types of courses are hosted at the facility throughout the year, mostly lasting between 5 and 6 days. These include schemes that specialize in meditation, yoga, ayurvedic medicine, and the Hoffman Process. 

Alternatively, host your very own retreat with external workshop providers. Pricing available upon request.

2. FAQs

2.1. What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat is an event where companies take their employees to an offsite location for a few days. This can be done for many reasons, including promoting teamwork, boosting morale, countering stress, or delivering learning and development opportunities. 

2.2. How do you organize a company retreat?

The first thing to do is state a clear set of objectives. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start looking for appropriate locations, as well as organizing any guest speakers, activities, and transport required. A company retreat can involve quite complex logistics, which is why some companies opt to hire a corporate retreat planner.

2.3. Why do organizations hold retreats?

Retreats have been linked to a reduction in burnout due to stress, decreased staff turnover, and improved motivation. They can also help stimulate blue-sky thinking by taking employees out of their normal routines and giving them the opportunity to let their creative juices flow.

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