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7 Best Corporate Retreat Locations in Hawaii to Boost Productivity and Creativity

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

If you’re looking for the perfect team getaway to get a breather and boost creativity, then consider corporate retreat locations in Hawaii. From incredible culinary delicacies to gorgeous beaches, Hawaii offers a spectacular place to enjoy a relaxing vacation with plenty of recreational activities. Your research should not factor in just that.

To make it easy for you, we’ve got the best corporate retreat locations so you can explore them, compare their offerings, and make the best choice.

Our articles will help you discover the perfect backdrop for productive and enriching retreats. We have a list of the best corporate retreats in New YorkVirginia, Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, Utah, The Midwest, California, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin.

Looking for more exotic locales? We have also corporate retreat guides to locations like Queensland, Sydney, NSW, Vietnam, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore

1. 7 Best Corporate Retreat Locations in Hawaii

1.1. Windward Retreat Center

 Windward Retreat Center

Location: Kaaawa, HI

Accommodates: 20+

Pricing: Available upon request

Nestled in the small beach community of Kaaawa, the Windward Retreat Center is a non-profit originally meant for educators and non-profit groups. It is located at a 45-minute drive from the Honolulu International Airport and offers a peaceful, private setting for company workshops.

Surrounded by three acres of tropical rainforest, this is one of the best corporate retreat locations in Hawaii for creative inspiration. It houses minimalistic but fully furnished accommodations along with flexible meeting spaces. The entire facility is also wheelchair-friendly.

For your meals and beverages, you can use their fully-equipped kitchen or request arrangements from outside caterers.

After a long day of team building, you can enjoy the sunset, go exploring the beach, or hike the mountains in the backyard. While the natural beauty of the land is enough to keep you occupied, make sure to try water sports as well.

1.2. Whale Spirit Sanctuary

Whale Spirit Sanctuary

Location: Big Island, HI

Accommodates: 18

Pricing: Available upon request

Located a 30-minute drive from the Kona airport, the Whale Spirit Sanctuary is a sacred paradise sitting on an earth vortex. It's secluded location and serene setting make it one of the most rejuvenating corporate retreat locations in Hawaii.

If you’re planning for your group to spend some time off work for some contemplation and relaxation, this is the perfect option for you.

Sitting at an elevation of 350 feet, the property offers spectacular views of Kealakekua Bay. Guests can enjoy a comforting stay in one of their many spacious cottages and suites, while those planning work retreats can make use of their gathering space.

The site provides delicious organic meals that you can request in gluten-free or plant-based options as well. Although there is no full-service staff here, you get to enjoy and explore the property and nearby attractions freely. Some of these include snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, island/waterfall excursions, and much more.

1.3. Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center


Location: Big Island, HI

Accommodates: 10

Pricing: Available upon request

Treat your employees to some much-needed rest and relaxation by taking them to the Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center. Located 12 miles to the south of Kailua-Kona, the center is one of the best detoxification and lifestyle medicine retreats in Hawaii.

Their wellness inn (the Luana Inn) sits on 1.4 acres of hilltop and features a main house along with multiple guest homes and cottages. All accommodations come fully furnished with modern amenities, private bathrooms, kitchenettes, Wi-Fi, and much more.

You can also enroll in their wellness programs and enjoy a healing retreat that includes massages, facials, hiking, etc — all while replenishing your energy with locally-grown, organic food, and freshly-pressed detoxifying juices.

1.4. Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Centre (KMEC)

Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Centre (KMEC)

Location: Pāhoa, HI

Accommodates: 30 - 100

Pricing: Available upon request

Located at a 55-minute drive from the Hilo airport, the KMEC is a holistic, off-grid retreat center. It is run by a self-sustainable community of free-thinking individuals who volunteer their services to the center.

It is one of the best corporate retreat locations in Hawaii for those looking to forge deeper connections with their team members. They offer natural cabins and multiple meeting spaces, along with a friendly staff that helps support your retreat goals.

You can sign up for their pre-planned programs, which include daily yoga and meditation practices along with three plant-based meals. Or customize a retreat schedule for your team’s needs.

The center’s proximity to nearby attractions allows you easy access to black sand beaches, steaming lava fields, farmer’s markets, dolphins, and more. Some of the more adventurous activities include ziplining, hiking, snorkeling, and surfing.

1.5. Shakti Sacred Healing

Shakti Sacred Healing

Location: Hamakua, HI

Accommodates: 16

Pricing: Available upon request

The Shakti Healing Retreat is a holistic retreat center situated less than an hour from the Hilo airport. It’s an ideal spot where your team can take a break from work to build their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Set on a property that offers breathtaking views of the tropical coastline and holds healing flora, the center offers multiple wellness programs. You can participate in yoga and meditation sessions, spiritual ceremonies, and dance programs and learn to use healing plants.

Guests also have the option to go for their pre-scheduled programs or customize one for themselves. Your nourishment will be taken care of by the organizers either way. In addition, you can also use their transport services, which are included in their services.

While the property is a scenic location itself, nearby attractions also do not disappoint. From waterfalls and beach parks to botanical gardens and museums, there is so much you can explore.

1.6. The Centre at Kahuna Falls


Location: Hakalau, HI

Accommodates: 10+

Pricing: Available upon request

A short 30-minute drive brings you to the secluded property of The Center at Kahuna Falls. Spread across 40 acres, the center is the perfect site for getting to know your team better.

It provides modest accommodations with all the necessary amenities along with nourishing meals for a comfortable stay. The off-grid property utilizes solar, hydro, and green sources to power the property sustainably.

Whether you want to practice healing meditation or replenish your creative energies, The Centre at Kahuna Falls offers an appealing best proposition.

1.7. Gingerhill Farm Retreat

Gingerhill Farm Retreat

Location: Kealakekua, HI

Accommodates: 10+

Pricing: Available upon request

The GingerHill Farm Retreat is the best corporate retreat location in Hawaii to go near nature while taking comfort in modern facilities. It is situated on the sunny side of Hawaii and only 30 minutes away from the Kona International Airport.

A quick escape from the bustle of Kona town, the Gingerhill retreat is a lush green oasis with rejuvenating energy. The property features multiple indoor and outdoor event spaces, a commercial-grade kitchen, and overnight accommodations. You can try their on-site catering or cook your own meals from organic, local ingredients.

The best part is that they offer a variety of recreational activities on-site that encourage a community-like experience between your team. However, you can easily access the beach and other nearby attractions as well.

2. FAQ

2.1. What is a corporate retreat like?

A corporate retreat is similar to a scheduled business gathering that combines both work and fun. It can involve work-related meetings and team-building workshops as well as recreational activities.

2.2. How do you organize a corporate retreat?

Organizing a corporate retreat involves setting goals for the retreat, doing research (location, transport, etc.), making an agenda, and getting everyone on board.

2.3. What does a business retreat do?

Business retreats are designed to allow the employees of a company the opportunity to discuss and improve work-related processes while bonding with colleagues.

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