5 Best Corporate Retreat Locations in Vietnam to Explore

August 10, 2023

Vietnam has emerged as the perfect choice for corporate retreats. Businesses recognize the importance of nurturing employees' potential, and luxurious corporate retreat locations in Vietnam provide just that - a mix of relaxation and rejuvenation. With vibrant landscapes and enthusiastic locals, Vietnam's appeal has become trendy.

You have all kinds of corporate retreat locations in Vietnam! From bustling cities and ancient temples to mouthwatering street food and dreamy white-sand beaches. But the real charm lies in the serene countryside, featuring emerald rice terraces and picturesque hill tribe villages like Sapa, Pu Luong, and Mai Chau. The country embraces the future with vigor.

Read along as we have crafted a list of the top 6 corporate retreat locations in Vietnam, that offer an experience of the charm of this Southeast Asian gem: 

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1. Best 5 Corporate Retreat Locations in Vietnam 

1.1. Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort

Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort

Located at: Quang Ninh

Accommodates: 100-200

Why go for this luxury location?

Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort – a luxurious retreat nestled amidst the captivating beauty of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam . This resort offers the perfect escape, with its private pool villas and spacious suites providing a haven of comfort and relaxation. 

Situated just 100 meters from Bai Chay Beach, the resort provides free bikes, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center. This is one of the corporate retreat locations in Vietnam offers private pool villas and expansive suites, - a haven of comfort and relaxation.

 Guests can enjoy various amenities, including a restaurant, kids' club, rejuvenating spa experiences, and a shared lounge, all with free WiFi access. The resort's location also provides easy access to explore Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, a kitchen, a dining area, and private bathrooms with showers and free toiletries. Some rooms offer picturesque sea views and terraces. 

Discover the bay's mystical caves, floating fishing villages, and scenic boat cruises. Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort offers various packages tailored to your preferences. The resort's accessibility makes it an ideal corporate retreat location in Vietnam, welcoming you to a world of unforgettable memories surrounded by Vietnam's stunning natural wonders.

1.2. Naman Retreat

Located at: Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang

Accommodates: Over 200 people 

Situated at the enchanting Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang, Naman Retreat is one of the most popular corporate retreat locations in Vietnam, which guarantees an unforgettable escape. This special resort combines modern design with the charm of Vietnam, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience. You can enjoy stylish villas and suites while being close to nature.

The resort's tranquil spa, state-of-the-art fitness center, and refreshing pools ensure relaxation and rejuvenation. Conveniently located, the resort allows easy exploration of Da Nang's cultural gems and nearby attractions. Whether you crave an idyllic beach vacation or a cultural immersion, Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort offers curated packages tailored to your preferences. 

Visit Central Vietnam and enjoy a delightful getaway by the beautiful shores, where nature and modern comforts blend perfectly.

1.3. An Nhien Retreat Phu Quoc RiverTown Hoi An Resort & Spa

An Nhien Retreat Phu Quoc RiverTown Hoi An Resort & Spa

Located at: Hoi An

Accommodates: 50

An Nhien Retreat Phu Quoc RiverTown Hoi An Resort & Spa is a popular corporate retreat location in Vietnam. This resort offers a unique fusion of riverside tranquility and vibrant city life, making it an ideal escape for travelers seeking both relaxation and exploration.

The resort not only offers comfy accommodations, riverfront villas, and spacious rooms, but they also give you a chance to experience unique detox, from liquid cleanses to expert herbal blends in Koh Samui, Thailand. The resort partners with Source Herbal Detox Retreat Thailand, providing award-winning organic experiences. Staying here, you can also access a private beach surrounded by tropical gardens. Located on Phu Quoc Island, known as the Pearl Island of Asia, with stunning landscapes. 

Located in Phu Quoc, near the historic town of Hoi An, the resort offers easy accessibility to explore the region's cultural attractions and the surrounding natural beauty.

1.4. Amanoi Resort

Located at: Ninh Thuan

Accommodates: Upto 100 

Amanoi Resort, a hidden gem in Vietnam's Ninh Thuan province, offers a luxurious escape surrounded by nature's beauty.  The resort offers a total of 36 luxurious accommodations, including pavilions and villas. The resort is beautifully designed to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

 In the serene Amanoi Resort, guests are offered various on-site and water-based activities. Family-friendly options include coconut leaf weaving, sand sculpture, movie nights, crafts, cookery, painting classes, and tennis. Staying here, you can explore Vietnam's beautiful Vinh Hy Bay by kayaking or catamaran rides, with snorkeling to admire colorful coral reefs. Adventurers can trek through dense jungles and along the coastline. Nestled near Vinh Hy Bay and Nui Chua National Park, the hillside resort offers a unique "meditative retreat" with a cool climate year-round. 

Located near pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs, Amanoi Resort provides an opportunity to explore Vietnam's captivating marine life. Tailored packages invite guests to indulge in the region's culture and natural wonders. Accessible yet secluded, this retreat promises an unforgettable journey, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the coastal charm and relaxation of Vietnam.

1.5. An Lam Retreats Saigon River

An Lam Retreats Saigon River

Located at: Ho Chi Minh

Accommodates: 50

An Lam Retreats Saigon River is a luxurious riverside resort in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, offering a tranquil and personalized escape from city life. The resort's intimate villas amidst lush greenery provide a serene sanctuary. 

Guests can enjoy beautiful views of the river while relishing delicious meals at the onsite restaurant. The elegant smoke-free rooms, surrounded by a lush garden, provide modern amenities like a flat-screen TV, cozy sofa, and a private bathroom with a bathtub. Visitors can unwind in the outdoor pool or indulge in rejuvenating spa massages. The tour desk offers car rental and ticketing services to cater to guests' needs. Conveniently located 9.3 miles from Ho Chi Minh City's center and 20 miles from Cu Chi Tunnels, An Lam Saigon River provides a complimentary speedboat transfer from the city center. Employees find enchantment in the retreat's romantic ambiance. Unique features include a riverside infinity pool, rejuvenating spa, and various outdoor activities. Tailored packages let guests customize their unforgettable stay.

With its beautiful accommodations, picturesque location, and personalized service, this resort is one the perfect corporate retreat locations in Vietnam which invites you to immerse yourself in a memorable and relaxing retreat by the riverside.

2. FAQs

  • Why do organizations hold retreats?

Organizations hold retreats to foster team bonding, strategize, and recharge their teams. Retreats provide a conducive environment for employees to step away from daily routines, collaborate, and brainstorm new ideas. They also help improve communication, boost morale, and create a stronger sense of camaraderie among team members.

  • How do you conduct a company retreat?

To conduct a company retreat, start by defining clear objectives and themes for the retreat. Plan engaging activities that align with the goals, mix work-related discussions with team-building exercises, and allow time for relaxation. Choose a suitable location away from the usual work environment. Encourage open communication, active participation, and feedback to make the retreat a success.

  • What is a team building retreat?

A team-building retreat is a focused gathering designed to improve team dynamics and collaboration. It involves various activities, workshops, and games aimed at fostering trust, communication, and problem-solving skills among team members. These retreats often take place in off-site locations, providing a conducive environment for team members to bond, overcome challenges, and strengthen their working relationships. The ultimate goal is to enhance teamwork and productivity within the organization.

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