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Exploring Top Corporate Retreat Locations in Arkansas: The Natural State

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

corporate retreat locations in arkansas

Whether you’re a nature lover or adventure seeker, if you’re looking for corporate retreat locations in Arkansas, you are spoilt for choice. From beautiful lakeside settings to mountain top lodges, Arkansas is a gorgeous location for a work retreat.

To help you choose the best venue for your team, we’ve narrowed the list to a few options. Does your agenda include daily meetings and workshops, or do you have more recreational activities planned? Whatever your requirement, these corporate retreat locations in Arkansas are sure to fit the bill.

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1. 5 Must-See Corporate Retreat Locations in Arkansas

1.1. The Sugar Creek Retreat

Corporate Retreat Locations in Arkansas:The Sugar Creek Retreat

Location: Garfield, AR

Accommodates: 12 to 24 people

Pricing: Available upon request

The Sugar Creek Retreat is a B&B-style nature resort minutes away from Beaver Lake. It is on a 4-acre property full of woodlands, native stone rock bluffs, trails, a creek, and many gardens.

If your company is looking for eco-friendly corporate retreat locations in Arkansas, this one’s a must-see! Not only does Sugar Creek promise you an eco-retreat that minimizes water and electricity usage, but it also promotes recycling. It is a fantastic location that will suit your environment-conscious enterprise.

It is the perfect spot to take your hardworking team for a much-needed vacation. You will enjoy the rustic modern vacation rooms equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable stay. The property has free WiFi, but you can also opt for an unplugged experience, with no alarm clocks or TVs in the rooms.

Guests can access continental and American breakfasts during their stay and enjoy relaxing drinks at the snack bar. The retreat is also conveniently located with plenty of restaurants nearby, so food and drink are no issue.

Once you’re refreshed and relaxed, you can also try out on-site recreational activities. These include hiking, cycling, snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, and more.

1.2. CrossHeirs Retreat Center

CrossHeirs Retreat Center

Location: Humphrey, AR

Accommodates: 60+

Pricing: Available upon request

Targeted toward teaching, training, and recreation, the CrossHairs Retreat Center is another excellent destination for your company’s retreat/conference.

The property sits on a 280-acre farm with a 14-acre lake, large den, fireplace, wobble trap, and more. Accommodations are in a single lodge-style building, and all 16 bedrooms have two queen beds and one bathroom. Your team can enjoy all three meals on-site with their lodging packages.

Aside from stress-free brainstorming, you can also put duck hunting on your corporate retreat agenda if you come here. Or try one of their many lakeside recreational activities, such as fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. The retreat center provides most of the equipment on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There is also a sporting clay range that guests can use. They provide clay targets, but you need to bring your own guns and ammunition.

1.3. Arkansas 4-H Center (AKA The Vines Center)

Location: Little Rock, AR

Accommodates: 474

Pricing: Available upon request

Also known as The Vines Center, the Arkansas 4-H Center is one of the most peaceful corporate retreat locations in Arkansas. This award-winning retreat center is nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, 10 miles west of Little Rock. The property is quite secluded, so you can host a goal-oriented workshop in peace with your team.

The best part is that they take care of everything, so you can rest easy knowing your retreat will proceed as planned.

They provide fully customizable programs for corporate teams looking to host conferences, meetings, workshops, retreats, or training sessions. No matter what team-building activity or group session you need, their wide range of programs can take care of it.

With 17 meeting rooms and abundant lodging options, you will surely find the perfect setup for your needs. From fully-equipped A/V systems to multiple-room video conferencing, your meetings will be a breeze.

Their full-service dining hall serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and continuous beverage service. And when you’re done with your work agenda, you can engage your team with canoeing, hiking, rock-climbing walls, rope courses, and more.

1.4. Mount Eagle Retreat Center

Location: Clinton, AR

Accommodates: 82+

Pricing: Available upon request

Mount Eagle Retreat Center is a serene mountaintop retreat that sits in the heart of the Ozark mountains. Its 1,000 acres of land is just 6.5 miles from Little Red River and features tons of open space and clean air to refresh your mind.

It is one of the perfect corporate retreat locations in Arkansas to give your team a new setting where you can get creative. The location uses sustainable practices such as recycling, energy saving, and local sourcing. So you can rest assured that your carbon footprint is minimal.

Mount Eagle Retreat Center has multiple cabins and lodge-style accommodations with fully-equipped kitchens, dining rooms, meeting rooms, private baths, and more. Guests have the option to utilize the full kitchens in every building or order their meals from local caterers. They also have ADA-accessible rooms, which you can arrange for in advance.

You and your team can enjoy many outdoor activities. The large property has multiple fire pits, a volleyball court, a disc golf course, and endless hiking trails for you to explore. Guests can also take day trips to the nearby national and state parks if they have free time on their schedules.

Whether you have many team-building activities planned or you’ve outlined a more laid-back retreat on your agenda, Mount Eagle will accommodate it.

1.5. Timber Oaks Retreat

Location: Clinton, AR

Accommodates: 200

Pricing: Available upon request

If you’re looking for the ultimate corporate retreat locations in Arkansas, Timber Oaks Retreat is one of our top picks. Open from April through November, this venue is perfect for those planning summer camp-style company retreats.

Timber Oaks handles all the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance, so you can enjoy a worry-free experience with your team members. They provide three meals a day, which accommodates various dietary restrictions. Just make sure to inform them in advance.

The vast campgrounds feature multiple air-conditioned cabins, basketball and volleyball courts, dining tables, a fishing pond, a ball field, an archery range, and more. Your team should need no convincing to come for this corporate retreat!

2. FAQs

2.1. How do you organize a corporate retreat?

The first step to organizing a corporate retreat is setting specific goals. You can then finalize the list of attendees, location, transport, meals, recreation, and other logistics. Once you’ve set goals and organized primary requirements, prepare a detailed agenda and timeline for your team. The final steps involve getting everyone on board.

2.2. What makes a successful work retreat?

A successful work retreat means you complete all the goals you set. It involves creating a safe environment for employees to relax, engage, and communicate without work-related stress. At the end of the event, team members should feel inspired, motivated, and energized to get back to work.

2.3. How do I start a work retreat?

You can start a work retreat with thorough planning and preparation. Set your goals and look for locations that will help you meet them. Make sure your venue can accommodate all of your team’s needs.

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