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30+ Awesome Gifts For CEOs To Show Your Admiration

January 12, 2023
Awesome Gifts For CEOs

We all love receiving gifts and appreciation. Organizations operating an appreciation-driven culture reward their employees for their performance, attitude, and loyalty. However, it is not as often that we consider returning the gesture. How many times have we thought, “what would be a great gift for our CEO?” or “How do we thank our senior managers or leadership team for making this a great place to work?” It is time for you to lead the horses now (on the gift-giving front).

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Here are 30 awesome gift ideas for CEOs of all personalities and any occasion. 


1. Best Corporate Gifts for CEOs For Any Occasion

Best Corporate Gifts for CEOs For Any Occasion

Be it their birthday, work anniversary, celebrating a milestone, or you want to thank them; your CEO can be a geek, a trekker, a bookworm, or even someone who travels a lot for work. We have you covered with best gifts for CEOs. 

2. Luxury gifts for CEOs

Luxury gifts for CEOs

2.1 Executive briefcases/laptop bags

It’s not a “CEO look” if they don’t have a leather briefcase or bag. Gift your CEO with a fine and luxurious leather bag to complete their elegant style.

2.2 Executive stationery

A luxury pen is an excellent gift for CEOs. They will remember you every time they take the pen out to sign a deal. We love this ballpoint pen collection from Montblanc. If you wish to give them a complete set, we recommend this Montblanc X The Webster Stationery Set.

2.3 Gourmet chocolates

The choicest gift for the CEO who loves to have some chocolates to relax after or in the middle of a stressful day. Choose from these Handmade Italian High-End Chocolate gifts, and they will have a smile every time they relish these edible treasures!

2.4 Wine decanter set

A classy gift for a classy CEO who loves their wine fine. A personalized decanter and wine glasses are ideal to be gifted on any occasion and make for great gifts for a CEO. We especially like these beautifully engraved wine decanter set from Oakmont.

2.5 Rustic world map/Luxury decorative globe 

This is a charming gift for a CEO who’s always on the move. We would recommend this push pin personalized map as It comes with a space to leave a personal message and different wood frame colors to suit their tastes. For an old-world charm effect, you can also go ahead with these gemstone globe clocks.

3. Nerdy gifts for CEOs

Nerdy gifts for CEOs

3.1 Books

One thing that is common with all successful leaders is that they read. A lot! Here are some of our recommendations for books to gift your CEO.

  • Pour your heart into it by Howard Schultz
  • The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen
  • Practising the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard
  • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

All these books are available on Amazon and are best gifts for CEOs.

3.2 Electronic gadgets

Think of a nerd, and you can immediately picture someone with state-of-the-art gadgets. If your CEO is also a gadget enthusiast, that would be a great gift. They might already have quite a few of them, but a gift from a beloved employee would always be close to heart. Here are our top picks of best gifts for CEOs – 

  • Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones
  • Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard
  • Apple Watch
  • Cocoon Grid-IT Organizer
  • Amazon Echo or Google Nest Hub

3.3 Comic book/cinematic gear

We are yet to meet a nerd (of any age) who does not like comics or the cinematic universes. Comics memorabilia are the best gifts for CEOs who still get excited by the latest Batman movie and can win a debate on Avengers with anyone. Here are some of our suggestions – 

  • Comics subscription – Marvel, DC, Disney (Be sure to be aware of their preference before selecting one)
  • Games collection – D&D, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Naruto, Mortal Kombat, etc.
  • Particle Physics Playing Cards (For the science enthusiast CEO)
  • Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger
  • Simulation helmets (again, make sure you are aware of your CEO’s favorite character)

3.4 Tetris night light

We know few who tried to replicate the Trestling (Tetris & arm wrestling together) from The Big Bang Theory. Plus, we all know there are non-geeks too who love playing Tetris. So this gift would be a great gift for CEO who belongs to the club. They can play Tetris at night while having a Tetris night light on their bedside stand. 

3.5 Lego kits

There are Lego sets, and there are Lego sets. Find out your CEO’s interest and gift them with these adult Lego sets – Vehicles, buildings, Ninjas & dragons, princesses, coding & robot, Star Wars, etc. If unique gifts for a CEO is what you are looking for, give this one a try.

4. Eco-friendly gifts for CEOs

Eco-friendly gifts for CEOs

4.1 Bonsai tree & kits

Bonsai kits are delightful gifts for CEOs whose desks and homes are adorned with plants. Not only is growing bonsai trees an excellent hobby, it also helps cultivate patience and creativity. Select a tree and a growing kit and present them to your CEO to show your admiration for them

4.2 Desk plants

Indoor plants and succulents are proven to improve air quality, lower stress, and stabilize mood. They are also great gifts for a CEO who do not have a green thumb but love nature and living in an eco-friendly manner. You can choose a plant online and have it delivered directly to your CEO’s home or the office so you can give it in person.

4.3 Grove Subscription

Grove Co. specializes in natural cleaning, home, beauty & personal care products and promotes healthy and sustainable living. Explore the products, choose the ones your CEO would love, and set up a subscription for the duration of your choice. This will show your support for your boss’ choice of a nature-friendly lifestyle. Also as far as gifts for a CEO are concerned, you can be sure nobody else would be gifting this.

4.4 No-waste kits

The basics of one adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is to go plastic-free and choose reusable items. Enable your CEO’s zero-waste journey by choosing or customizing a zero-waste products kit. This is of the few gifts for a CEO who has an alternative lifestyle. We recommend that your include these products in your kit – 

  • A cloth bag that speaks of your boss’ persona
  • Rechargeable items like lighter, lamps, etc.
  • Reusable food storage containers
  • Zero-waste hair bars
  • Bamboo straws and cutlery
  • Compost bin

4.5 Vegan gift baskets

This is the best gift for CEOs who follow or promote veganism. You can choose a vegan snacks gift basket, vegan chocolate truffles, vegan cookies, and even a vegan personal care kit for the CEO on the go.   

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5. Health-conscious gifts for CEOs

Health-conscious gifts for CEOs

5.1 Personalized gym bag

With gyms opening up around the world slowly with restrictions in place, we for sure have started getting back to being healthy in the pre-pandemic style (to an extent). A personalized gym bag would be an excellent gift for CEOs who go to the gym regularly so that they can show some style.

5.2 Foam roller

With their busy schedules, CEOs might not find sufficient time for relaxing massages. Aid them to have massages on the go by gifting this durable foam roller. They are great for self-massages and help heal tight and sore muscles in the body and are the best gifts for a CEO who is also into health based activities. 

5.3 Gym ball

This always reminds us of Captain Holt bouncing off an exercise ball in Terry’s house in Brooklyn 99. Though we suggest not to visualize your CEO all bouncy, Gym balls are great for strengthening your body. So your CEO can give his best to your organization.

5.4 Meal kit subscription

Meal kits include boxes of pre-measured full recipe ingredients that get sent to your home, along with recipes and tips. Save some time and add some health to your boss by subscribing him to a meal kit of his food preference. Be it regular, vegetarian, organic, low-on-cook time, or even if they have food allergies – these meal kit subscriptions cater to all requirements.

5.5 Healthy baked goods

Healthy eating is never over-rated, especially when someone loves snacking. Healthy baked snacks are an excellent gift for CEOs who love to munch while watching their weight. Select from this guide of healthy snacks and get your boss hooked onto healthy snacking.

6. Outdoorsy gifts for CEOs

Outdoorsy gifts for CEOs

6.1 Solar-powered phone charger

This wireless, solar-powered power bank also features a compass and flashlight, making it a must-have for any camping trip. You can also go a step further and give this solar power bank with panels for larger devices which all have a permanent spot in our list for best gifts for a CEO.

6.2 All-purpose tote bag

A tote bag that can be used for your beach days, day trip, soccer game, or even an outdoor party bag is the best gift for CEOs and everyone else. This all-purpose tote bag is waterproof and highly durable.

6.3 Tumbler set and Thermal flasks

For those perfect picnic days when your boss wants to pack his coffee, tea, or wine onto a thermos and drink it on the beach, lakeside, or in the park. We recommend this elegant rose gold infuser travel flask and 6 pieces set of vacuum insulated tumblers as luxury CEO gifts.

6.4 Portable water purifier

Perfect for the riverside campers. These water bottles with integrated filter straws are best suited for relishing the natural spring water sans bacteria, chemicals, and dirt. So every time your CEO goes on a trek or backpacking, they are sure to be reminded of you.

6.5 Waterproof binoculars

This is one of the luxury CEO gifts your boss will need if they are into bird watching, animal sighting, or plainly a safari enthusiast. These waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof binoculars have 12x magnification.

7. Unique gifts for CEOs

Unique gifts for CEOs

7.1 Gift cards

The classic Uno-reverse card of gifting – “Hey, why don’t you pick a gift for yourself?”. This is a smart gift for CEOs, especially if they are new and don’t know much about them or just want them to choose their gifts. There are scores of options available for gift cards – 

  • Holiday gift card
  • Spa gift card
  • Airline gift card
  • Restaurant gift card

7.2 DIY gifts

This can be special and become close to heart gift for CEO if done right. If you are an artist, you can draw their portrait, frame it, and gift it. Those who are good with knitting, weave a sweater or a scarf with their initials and gift it. If you are a baker, gift them some warm muffins or cookies. If you are good with crafts, make a personalized desk organizer, leather cord roll, fabric coasters, etc. The sky is the limit!

7.3 Artwork with everyone’s contribution

Sometimes simple gestures go a long way in being a unique gift for CEO. Grab a cardboard, have everyone in the team or office add their handprints or write a few words and sign it, decorate the board and gift it. Your boss wouldn’t want to keep it anywhere apart from his desk.

7.4 Be a hobby enabler

We all have faced this – grew out of our passions and hobbies as we climb up the ladder due to lack of time. Find out what your boss is passionate about – photography, gardening, cooking, yoga, dancing, musical instruments – Identify the best classes and enroll them. If they are already good at it, find opportunities that will help them pursue it further. Be the gentle push that they need.

7.5 Party weekend

A classic gift. Your CEOs have approved or taken you out on office getaways. This time pool in and take your boss out for a fun weekend.

8. The Best Gifts for Boss Lady

8.1 Versatile toiletry bag

If your lady boss is always on travel for work, then a handy waterproof toiletry bag would be a wise gift for the boss lady. We particularly like this travel toiletry bag with 4 compartments with a hanging hook

8.2 Boss Lady mugs

A coffee mug that simply gives a shout-out to your boss for what she is – a boss lady. You can choose between this elegant coffee mug, a handmade ceramic mug, this unicorn-themed mug, or this coffee mug + wine glass combo.   

8.3 Pamper Me kits

Everyone deserves a soothing and carefree me-time once in a while, especially managers and leaders who tend to ignore it the most. Do them a favor and present a home spa kit as a gift for the boss lady, and she will forever thank you every time she re-emerges from the bath, all rejuvenated. We especially like this 10-piece set of jasmine and lavender scented bath items.

8.4 Hand cream gift set

A couple of us were prescribed BY THE DOCTOR to use hand cream regularly because all the hand sanitizer use had caused cracks and the nails to become very brittle. Also, the nightly ritual of applying hand cream is known to calm the nerves, alleviate anxiety and unclog mental pores. We like this hand cream gift set as an excellent gift for the boss lady as it includes 8 fruit & flower-scented hand cream, one foot cream, and one lip balm.

9. FAQ

9.1 What would you gift to a CEO?

It is pretty tricky to gift to a CEO who would have it all. Your gift should show how well you know your boss and how much you appreciate all they have done for the organization and the employees. 

9.2 What do you get a retiring CEO?

Retirement can bring in a roller coaster of emotions to CEOs who have been with the company for a long time. Your gift should remind them of the joyous times they had with you and the organization. Either the whole team can pool in and get one significant gift or build a gift basket of sorts by pooling small gifts from anyone. Do ensure that it resonates with who they are as a person, with their likes and dislikes.

9.3 What are some luxury gifts for CEO?

CEOs are classy and elegant, and it would be apt to gift them something as classy as them. Here are some luxury CEO gifts are – 

  • Vintage collections
  • Rare wine
  • High-end stationery
  • Fine leather goods
  • Gourmet chocolates

9.4 What are the best gift for CEO of company?

The best gift for CEO of company include Bonsai, Books, and Executive stationery.

9.5 What are the best corporate gift ideas?

The best corporate gift ideas often include personalized items such as engraved office accessories, high-quality gift baskets, or experiences like spa days or gourmet dining. 

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