7 Best Jeopardy Online Game Websites that You Need to Try in 2023

Do you remember how wonderful it was shouting answers at the TV when the popular American Jeopardy game show was on? I even dreamed of meeting the host, Alex Trebek personally. If nostalgia is hitting you hard when you’re reading this, a Jeopardy online game could be just the thing to recreate the fun when working remotely!

So, get ready to wake up your employee’s brain cells and bring high-powered excitement and entertainment in your next online corporate gatherings, and meetings with an interactive jeopardy game.

In this post, I’ll be taking you through a list of the best jeopardy online game websites that will entertain your dispersed remote teams. Let’s begin:

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1. What is Jeopardy Online?

What is Jeopardy Online?

Jeopardy! is an American trivia game that gained immense popularity on television. The show was created in the mid-1960s by Merv Griffin, and the daily version featured Alex Trebek as host from 1984 until January 8, 2021. Due to the worldwide admiration of the game, today, it is available to play on several websites and video game apps. You can also play the jeopardy game online through digital whiteboards and templates by using Zoom, Google Meet, and similar virtual meeting platforms

Jeopardy Online Game is also known as virtual Jeopardy, which maintains the same essence as the traditional game show. The players are presented with several general knowledge clues and are asked to phrase their responses accordingly.

Thus, the virtual jeopardy game is entertaining, and competitive, which makes remote team bonding sessions highly collaborative. In addition, the game event also evokes a sense of nostalgia for many and offers an opportunity for friendly team rivalry.

A List of the Best Virtual Games

2. 7 Websites that Offer Jeopardy Online

7 Websites that Offer Jeopardy Online

2.1. Playfactile


“ Perfect for a hassle-free and engaging game experience”

Playfactile platform provides engaging Jeopardy-style quiz games for remote teams. The platform has several user-friendly game board templates and over 1 million games pools to choose from. It offers screen sharing, scoring sound effects, and customization features where hosts can change board colors, images, logos, etc. Other details include advance team management, visibility of team scores on a second display, and the save-in option of games to continue later. 

A maximum of 100 teams can play online jeopardy together in 4 different styles: factile jeopardy style, multiple-choice, memory, or flashcards. Our team tried a flashcards-style game by selecting a dollar amount. The whole fun lasted about half an hour, with the answers getting hysterical. It is ideal for teams looking for an all-new way to connect with the team and have super fun. 

Key features: 

  • Easy-to-use interface with buzzer mode features
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Cross-platform features (Play from your PC, tablet, or phone)

Pricing model: The standard version of PlayFactile is totally free for three games, whereas the premium and business version contains greater functionality at $5 and $9.50 per month, respectively. 

2.2. Jeopardy Labs

jeopardy lab

          “Play fun and easy Jeopardy-style trivia games”

Jeopardy Labs allows users to create and personalize various jeopardy online game templates for free. Game hosts can use this tool to develop custom-style Q&A formats. In addition, they can also record employees’ scores using the scorekeeping function located at the bottom of the template. 

The platform provides a template builder function for users. With every template there comes a specific URL that users can access easily. You can also play through jeopardy game templates created by other users on the website. While doing so, if you discover a premade template that you like, you may modify it to make it your own template.

Key features:

  • Provide editor or template builder functionality.
  • Browse through hundreds of pre-designed jeopardy templates and 2 million games.
  • Easy scorekeeping function

Pricing model: For a lifetime membership, users need to pay $20 and build customized templates. Sign up now!

2.3. TrainingArcade.com


“Create your own Jeopardy & have a secure virtual group play”

The training arcade platform contains multiple customizable interactive games that motivate your team to compete with each other. It follows all the classic rules of America’s popular quiz show and can be played in a group play mode or single-player mode. I was intrigued about the gameplay so my teammates and I tried their Jeopardy rounds. However, we lost in double jeopardy (Lol) as we got a tricky question. But they do have a noteworthy collection of questions and formats such as Jeopardy rounds, Double Jeopardy, Daily doubles, and final Jeopardy. 

One of the platform’s best features is that it offers in-depth analytics that helps you get insights into employee behavior trends and drive friendly competition. 

Key features: 

  • Advanced analytics and Interactive gameplay
  • Intuitive to set up and play
  • Easy to integrate with any standard applications
  • Can play jeopardy online in multiplayer mode.

Pricing model: A single game version of trainingarcade is available at $1,999 per year, and 3 game packs, 10 game packs are available at $4,999 and $7,499, respectively. There is also a 10 games pack with an additional Arcades option at $17,499 per year. 

2.4. Arkadium


“Best platform to play the world’s most beloved game”

Arkadium provides a vast number of both subject-based and hidden clues. If by any chance you select any hidden “Daily Double” clues, you can gamble points as much you want. When all your points are wagered, it’s termed a “True Daily Double.” We tried out the entertainment trivia as this was the only category that all my teammates could mutually agree on, and we were not disappointed! The questions were interesting and we had a great time yelling wild guesses on this jeopardy game online. 

There is also a ‘Double Jeopardy board that is ideally more challenging but on successfully completing provides higher point values. Moving ahead then comes the last jeopardy round, so the contestant that makes it to the final round and with the most points is crowned as the champion of Jeopardy!

Key features:

  • Interactive gameplay
  • Customization features available
  • Massive collection of pre-generated templates

Pricing model: You can play jeopardy online free with this platform.

2.5. Arcadespot


“Experience a full-suite of browser-based jeopardy game”

The arcade spot gameplay is based on the popular TV game show and is similar to the Super Jeopardy version on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) but is made for the next generation with improved graphics, more questions, and better overall gameplay. 

One of the best features is that users can have a fun gaming experience without even downloading the game. It offers basic Jeopardy, Standard, deluxe, and sports edition games.It is the best jeopardy game we have seen. We tried out the basic and standard edition Jeopardy, it was quite fun and made me realize that there are some trivia masters in our group!

Key features:

  • Works on all major modern web browsers
  • Themed music and add-ons for customization are available
  • Offers 3500 Q&A and 700 categories to choose from
  • Easy to use jeopardy game software

Pricing model: Free-to-play

2.6. Sporcle


“Choose thousands of questions at ease”

Sporcle is a trivia website with hundreds of quizzes to choose from. They also have a dedicated section for Jeopardy questions. It covers hundreds of categories such as music, geography, general knowledge, movies, history, sports, science, literature, and a lot more to help you play online jeopardy. 

The jeopardy quizzes can also be segmented in terms of difficulty levels to support multiplayer showdown. So, keeping in view all the features and huge repository of quizzes, I decided to surprise my team and play a jeopardy game for a fun Friday team meet. I had picked countries as a jeopardy style category and we got puzzles like- It’s known for its pizza, pasta, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. What is it_____? Well, a lot of pasta lovers in my team yelled the answer- “Italy.”  

Honestly, it turned out to be extremely engaging. The game has covered 30 questions within an 8-minute timer. Thus, Sporcle is a great fit for a small and fun catchup session with teams.

Key features:

  • Great repository of Q&A
  • Virtual live trivia games
  • Provides customization functionality 

Pricing model: Q&A are accessible for free. However, you need to purchase tickets to attend live virtual trivia games. 

2.7. JeopardyApp


“Create your Jeopardy-style game without PowerPoint”

JeopardyApp is an online version of the cult classic show. The platform allows you to either build a custom template or just browse through tons of premade online Jeopardy templates. Each game also has its own unique URL address making its privacy in control. 

You can also embed images on the answer/question fields, change team names, and carry over team scores from the first round to the second. In addition, it offers a vast collection of Jeopardy templates from anime, sports, food, Disney Jeopardy, and more. One of the best things I experienced while playing a game on JeopardyApp with my team was that the questions simulate brains and test our grasp of trivia, plus there was rarely a duplicate question. All in all, it was fun playing Jeopardy trivia on JeopardyApp. Making it one of the best jeopardy game experiences on this list.

Key features:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use for first-time users
  • No software installation is required; games can be accessed through a web browser.
  • Privacy control that prevents your templates from being publicly accessible  
  • You can easily play jeopardy online multiplayer mode

Pricing model: The basic version of JeopardyApp offers a free service to run your game without any hassle. You can also purchase the standard and premium versions at $15 and $25 for more features. (Note: This is a one-time fee, and no recurring subscription will apply) 

Activities And Games For Remote Teams

2.8. Additional Platforms to play Jeopardy Online Game:

1. Video game

Video games are one of the easiest methods to play Jeopardy online. Of course, organizers will have to buy and install the game in advance and share the display while playing. Nevertheless, this method cuts down on the strenuous work of brainstorming Q$A and building a game board. Plus, the program automatically maintains a tab on the score.

If you are seeking a Jeopardy game on PC, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo Switch, then you must certainly try Ubisoft’s Jeopardy!. It’s a multiplayer game that lets you play with employees, friends, and AI bots. For the mobile game audience, Jeopardy! World Tour would be a great pick. It is a free-to-play mobile game version, in which players may compete and increase their rankings and reach the top of the leaderboards. You can download the game on iOS and Android smartphones through Apple and Google Play Store

2. Play it through Slideshow Templates

The other easiest way to play jeopardy online free is by using a pre-designed Jeopardy slideshow template. You can simply download the templates online or create one using a spreadsheet or digital whiteboard. 

Organizers can input the Q&A, pull up presentation mode, and then share the screen. Playing through templates makes it easy for hosts and team members to navigate in real-time seamlessly and offers an immersive gameplay experience. Teams can answer in the group chat or send private messages to the hosts to “buzz in.” 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways your team can achieve that sense of connection by playing jeopardy online even when they’re physically apart. Try some of these platforms that help your team better bond as they work toward their shared company goals together.

Virtual Trivia Games for Your Remote Team

3. How Do You Organize Jeopardy Games for Remote Teams

How Do You Organize Jeopardy Games for Remote Teams

Are you looking to host Jeopardy Online Game for your remote team, but you are clueless about where to begin? 

Here is what you need to do to a fun game of Jeopardy virtually:

3.1. Step 1: Select a platform

Assuming you are the host, the first step is to select a platform where you wish to play the jeopardy game. You can choose from the websites or apps mentioned above. However, the most common platform for virtual Jeopardy is slideshow software such as Google Slides or PowerPoint.

3.2. Step 2: Create a game-board

If you intend to play on any websites or apps, then you will get pre-designed game boards. On Google Slides or PowerPoint, you may need to design a game board. Creating slides from scratch is a labor-intensive process and takes a lot of time. I suggest going for a premade google slides template instead. 

3.3. Step 3: Choose any Jeopardy category

Jeopardy includes a myriad of subjects and questions to challenge even the most astute teams. Therefore, before you start the game, you can choose any industry-specific category to test your employee’s knowledge. However, categories do not need to be work-specific, though. The object of team building Jeopardy is to facilitate interaction between players, so you can choose any topics that encourage group discussions.

Some of the common jeopardy categories are science, literature, sports, history, geography, etc. You can also have heroes and villains, coffee facts, social media facts, puns, and wordplay as additional interesting jeopardy categories.

Note: Here’s a sample list of categories for those who aren’t familiar with the world’s most fantastic tv trivia game.

  • The “M” Crowd – Last names starting with M.
  • Flaming Foods – Foods cooked by flame.
  • Rivers – Mention rivers around the globe.
  • Animals – Exotic animals around the world.
  • Small Stuff (Double Jeopardy) – Phrases beginning with the word “small.”
  • Boning Up (Double Jeopardy) – Questions about human bone structure.
  • Books & Movies (Double Jeopardy) – Mention a book title, begins a film title.

3.4. Step 4: Prepare your quiz bowl

Once you select different categories, it’s time to prepare the heart of creating the best Jeopardy game- the Questions. Ideally, you should choose questions that prompt conversation and inspire thought among your remote teams. You can ask some random questions, ranging from pop culture to sports to movies and history. To customize and personalize the game, you can also include specific questions about your organization, corporate work culture, employees, etc. 

Note: If you are clueless about Jeopardy categories and questions. Don’t panic; just visit J! Archive, which offers hundreds and thousands of Q&A from Jeopardy episodes. 

3.5. Step 5: Test your game before scheduling an event

Once all the categories are pinned down and questions are selected, it’s time to test the game. Testing the game is often overlooked by many people, but I suggest it as a critical step. I have seen many jeopardy online games getting delayed due to faulty technology, poor network connections, and other glitches. 

Therefore, you should ensure the games are working ahead of the curve and avoid unnecessary meeting stretches. 

3.6. Step 6: Split employees into teams

After successfully testing your game once, you can invite all employees and split them randomly into teams. You can also appoint one person as the team leader in each group. The traditional Jeopardy has room for only three contestants, but the advantage of playing virtually is that you can divide your employee pool into as many teams as you want.  

Note: The bigger the team size, the less likely each member of the team will participate equally, therefore make sure that every member of your team contributes.

3.7. Step 7: Set some ground rules

As the host, you can decide the team turn order and set some ground rules. 

  • Decide the point value for each category.
  • Discuss the response of each question with teammates.
  • If the team correctly answers, then the team gains value and is given the opportunity to pick the following question.
  • If the team responds wrongly, the other teams have the opportunity to answer. They will earn a point if they answer it correctly. If no teams answer correctly, then nobody makes points.
  • Once the question has been read and if a team thinks they know the answer then the respective team leaders need to ring in within 30 seconds. 

For instance, if the question on the board is “The Red and the ____Knight,” the answer will be “Black” If your team gets the answer right, you win the amount you wagered. Conversely, wrong answers are penalized by losing some part of the wagered amount.

  • Only when the team answers random questions and double jeopardy questions then they can move to the Final Jeopardy round. 
  • Lastly, the team with the maximum points wins the game.

3.8. Step 8: Let the fun begin

Let’s be honest, all of us have felt lonely when working from home. Working from home can feel like you’re missing out on more. But playing a game of Jeopardy online encourages coworkers to bond and have fun together. It also fosters team coordination, communication and makes a happier and more productive team. 

With these virtual team building ideas and steps, I’m certain you’ll all have a great time playing the best trivia game in the world.

4. FAQ


4.1. How do you play Jeopardy online?

Online Jeopardy is a digital version of the classic American game show. It can be played online through any website and apps such as Playfactile.com, Jeopardy Labs, etc. Video game audiences can also play Jeopardy online by downloading Jeopardy! World Tour from both App and Play Store or by purchasing Ubisoft’s Jeopardy.   You can play jeopardy online multiplayer as well.

4.2. How to create Jeopardy questions?

Before you create a jeopardy question, you need to select a category that your team knows a lot about, such as entertainment, wordplay, sports, academics, etc. Then you can source trivia questions from multiple online websites such as Sporcle, etc. Jeopardy is noted for its peculiar game format, i.e., clues are in the form of answers, and players need to give their responses in question form. While creating or sourcing the questions, you must ensure that the difficulty of questions is raised according to the value of each question. 

4.3. How to play Jeopardy on zoom with a large group

To play an exciting game of Jeopardy over a Zoom meeting with a large group, the host must use a PC to successfully run the game. Participants on the other hand can either join from any digital device. The person acting as the game host can choose any Jeopardy gaming website. I recommend using Jeopardy Labs to either select a premade quiz or to create a custom quiz. Once the Q&A is ready, the host can share a link to invite everyone to a Zoom meeting. After that, the game host can load the game, share the screen with the players on the Zoom application and have fun.

4.4. What are some rules to follow in the Jeopardy game?

The Jeopardy game follows the same rule as the cult classic show. It comprises standard jeopardy, double jeopardy, and final jeopardy game rounds. Once the host read the question, the team leaders have to ring in/buzz in within 30 seconds. Your team earns the amount you have wagered if the answer is correct or loses a similar amount if the answer is wrong.

4.5. Can I make a custom Jeopardy game?

Of course, you can make your own custom jeopardy game on a spreadsheet and digital whiteboards. Many Jeopardy websites also allow you to create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint. They provide a simple editor or template builder option to create a hassle-free custom jeopardy game.