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6 Corporate Retreat Locations in Minnesota To Help Boost Productivity

By Preethi Jathanna

Senior Writer for HR and Remote Work

Corporate retreats are a great opportunity to foster collaboration between employees. Whether you’re based in Minnesota or somewhere else, you’re probably looking for leads on the best locations for a corporate retreat. Finding the perfect corporate retreat locations in Minnesota can help ensure your retreat goes as planned.

To make your job easier, we’ve listed our top choices for hosting corporate retreat locations below. Dive in to learn what makes these spots perfect for your next company retreat.

Our articles will help you discover the perfect backdrop for productive and enriching retreats. We have a list of the best corporate retreats in New YorkVirginia, Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, The Midwest, California, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin.

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1. 6 Corporate Retreat Locations in Minnesota

1.1. The Point Retreats

corporate retreat locations in Minnesota The Point Retreats

Location: Pequot Lakes, MN

Accommodates: 24

Pricing: Available upon request

The Point Retreats is where you should be headed if you’re looking for health-focused corporate retreat locations in Minnesota. The site hosts multiple all-inclusive retreats throughout the year that aim to provide guests with experiential wellness and health education. However, they also support professional growth.

Their retreat center focuses on health, movement, restoration, nutrition, and rest. Guests can avail of a host of wellness amenities/activities, such as sauna, reiki, massage, meditation, and more. Apart from rest, guests also enjoy long hikes in the woods, a swim in the lake, or a nap in the sunshine, all while taking in breathtaking views of the shorefront and the north woods scenery.

If you don’t find their retreat packages useful for your goals, you can even design your own retreat. They offer a range of rental cabins for private parties and groups with private dining and private live music shows. Replenishments are personalized and come in three serving styles based on your group and requirements.

1.2. Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center

Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center

Location: Farmington, MN

Accommodates: 68 overnight stays; 180 seats

Pricing: Available upon request

If you’re looking for corporate retreat locations in Minnesota with a hillside setting, check out the Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center. Located on 154 acres of farmland, the place is a paradise of exceptional natural beauty all around.

The center features a single building known as the Cornell House for all its operations and lodgings. It hosts 18 hotel-style rooms with two beds each, four dorms with eight beds each, and two lounges. One of their hotel-style rooms is also handicap accessible. For your corporate retreats, you get access to a wide selection of meeting rooms with all the necessary A/V equipment.

After a long day of meetings and brainstorming, you can then enjoy their delicious Midwest-style menu, which is served cafeteria or buffet-style. While their lounging rooms are fully equipped with TVs, DVD players, board games, and books; their rooms are free from phones and TVs.

The place is designed to promote internal and external reflection and offers guests multiple recreational activities, including swimming, sauna, basketball, hiking, campfires, and more. They also host multiple events throughout the year, which you can participate in by enquiring in advance.

1.3. Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center

Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center

Location: Prior Lake, MN

Accommodates: 57 rooms

Pricing: Available upon request

Situated a 30-minute drive from Minneapolis, the Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center is a Catholic-based retreat center. But it is open to all spiritual seekers. The retreat is located on 60 acres of woods and prairie grass and hosts a tiny pond on site. The property features a chapel, a library, breakout rooms, and multiple accommodations.

The retreat runs its own schedule, which mainly involves a couple of conferences throughout the day, followed by quiet reflection or rest time. All meals are cooked on-site and served buffet-style with multiple options for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free preferences.

The center holds midweek and weekend retreats, although guests are open to stay for a single day, too. While they do ask guests to maintain an atmosphere of quiet at the center, guests can engage in discussions, although only during certain times.

1.4. Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House

Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House

Location: Lake Elmo, MN

Accommodates: 65

Pricing: Available upon request

In business since 1948, the Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House offers free-of-cost men’s silent retreats. They run their retreat and operations on goodwill donations.

A unique feature of this retreat is that they provide a retreat with no internet, phones, TVs, radios, or other distractions. Plus, they have a strict no-talking rule in place.

The retreat runs every weekend, and guests are required to stay from Thursday till Sunday supper. Their retreat programs focus on the spiritual teachings of St. Ignatius and include multiple spiritual conferences throughout the day. All participants are required to attend these conferences, which are hosted by the retreat director.

Participants are given ample time between each conference for reflection and prayer. These spiritual exercises are supported by a serene and peaceful environment without distractions. And while they do offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, the menu is plentiful and consistent.

1.5. The Fields at Rootsprings

The Fields at Rootsprings

Location: Annandale, MN

Accommodates: 3 hermitages

Pricing: Available upon request

The Fields at Rootsprings is a hybrid worker cooperative that provides healing and retreat programs for BIPOC artists, activities, healers, and communities. It’s located 75 minutes away from the Twin Cities by road. Situated on 36 acres of biodiverse agricultural land, The Fields features woodlands with a restored prairie, a spring-fed pond, and abundant wildlife.

The location is managed by BIPOC land stewards and offers guests both the venue and culturally affirming programs. It features hermitage-style accommodations, a wellness center, an unrenovated barn, and a boat house on site.

Their program aims to provide guests with a sanctuary-like place for contemplation, transformation of the soul, and to gain inspiration. Guests are welcome to participate in art-based workshops, bodywork, walking, garden tending, food harvesting, stillness meditation, breathing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and more.

1.6. Rendezvous Retreats

Rendezvous Retreats

Location: Forest Lake, MN

Accommodates: sleeps 9; seats 30

Pricing: Available upon request

Situated 20 minutes north of the Twin Cities, Rendezvous Retreats is a quaint and inspiring corporate retreat location in Minnesota. The main site is a restored 1912 vintage craftsman home inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement.

If you’re looking to host relaxing indoor recreational retreats for scrapbooking, quilting, fine arts, and more, this location is a must-visit. It is ideal for corporate groups looking to unleash creativity while also focusing on business and making time for entertainment.

Guests can work/live in the vintage home where they have access to the internet, A/V equipment, and a fully furnished kitchen. Depending on the guests’ priorities, they can either choose to prepare their own meals in the kitchen or opt for catering. The outdoors features landscaped grounds with an outdoor sound system and garden paths. There’s also an . accessibility ramp and a large deck attached to the house.

And if you’re looking for more activities to do in your free time, you can check out various attractions downtown. You can ask the staff for a list of things to see and do nearby to plan outdoor activities for your team.

2. FAQs

2.1. How do you plan a successful company retreat?

Planning a successful company retreat involves defining the goals you hope to achieve at the end of the retreat and then outlining the steps to take to ensure you achieve those goals. It also involves researching and planning details of the venue, accommodation, number of attendees, transportation, meals, lodging, recreation, etc.

2.2. What is the purpose of a company retreat?

The purpose of a company retreat can be anything from boosting employee morale to encouraging creativity or even addressing organizational issues. They may even be geared to set company goals, brainstorm/collaborate on a project, or socialize and rewind.

2.3. What is a company retreat strategy?

A company retreat strategy aims to get employees away from the office and its routine to discuss and share ideas, socialize, and/or relax. Depending on the goal, the strategy can involve a discussion of future company goals, development, or adjustments in the present working state.

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